Kinds of Formicidae

World Ants
(Valid extant species)

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This world ant list is dedicated to the memory of William L. Brown, Jr.

Scientific name -- Other names
Leptomyrmex Mayr, 1862
   Leptomyrmex contractus Donisthorpe, 1947
   Leptomyrmex darlingtoni Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex darlingtoni_fascigaster Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex darlingtoni_jucundus Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus (Fabricius, 1775)
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_basirufus Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_brunneiceps Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_clarki Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_cnemidatus Wheeler, W. M., 1915
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_decipiens Wheeler, W. M., 1915
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_mandibularis Wheeler, W. M., 1915
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_rufithorax Forel, 1915
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_unctus Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus_venustus Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex flavitarsus (Smith F., 1859)
   Leptomyrmex fragilis (Smith F., 1859)
   Leptomyrmex fragilis_femorata Santschi, 1932
   Leptomyrmex fragilis_maculatus Stitz, 1938
   Leptomyrmex fragilis_melanoticus Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex froggatti Forel, 1910
   Leptomyrmex lugubris Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex mjobergi Forel, 1915
   Leptomyrmex niger Emery, 1900
   Leptomyrmex nigriventris (Guerin- Meneville, 1831)
   Leptomyrmex nigriventris_hackeri Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex nigriventris_tibialis Emery, 1895
   Leptomyrmex pallens Emery, 1883
   Leptomyrmex pallens_geniculatus Emery, 1914
   Leptomyrmex pallens_nigriceps Emery, 1914
   Leptomyrmex puberulus Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex unicolor Emery, 1895
   Leptomyrmex varians Emery, 1895
   Leptomyrmex varians_angusticeps Santschi, 1929
   Leptomyrmex varians_quadricolor Wheeler, W. M., 1934
   Leptomyrmex varians_rothneyi Forel, 1902
   Leptomyrmex varians_ruficeps Emery, 1895
   Leptomyrmex varians_rufipes Emery, 1895
   Leptomyrmex wheeleri Donisthorpe, 1948
   Leptomyrmex wiburdi Wheeler, W. M., 1915
   Leptomyrmex wiburdi_pictus Wheeler, W. M., 1915

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