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Tanaidacea: Families

Kim Larsen

Parapseudidae Gutu, 1981

Parapseudidae Gutu, 1981: 102.

Description . Body shape semicylindrical, dorsoventrally flattened. Head , eye present. Antennule (antenna 1) biramous. Antenna (antenna 2), with more than 6 articles; squama present. Mouthparts well developed, functional in both sexes. Mandible , palp present, comprised of three articles; lacina mobilis on both right and left mandible; setal row present; molar broad. Labium with one pair of lobes, articulated. Maxillule (maxilla 1), with two endites; palp biarticulated, palp with more than two setae. Maxilla (maxilla 2) well developed. Maxilliped , coxa present; basis not fused; endites not fused, narrower than basis. Epignath large, reniform, with two unevenly sized articles.

Pereonite 1 not reduced, at least three times wider than pereopod basis diameter. Cheliped , attachment directly to ventral cephalothorax surface ; exopod present; carpus with few or no long plumose setae. Pereopods 1 to 3 , coxae present. Pereopod 1 , without plumose setae on distal articles; coxa not extended into acute spine; ischium present; dactylus short, curved. Pereopod 4 as long as pereopods 5 and 6, dactylus not reduced. Pereopods 4 to 6 , coxa present; dactylus and terminal seta not fused. Marsupium formed by five pairs of oostegites.

Pleon with five developed pleonites. Pleopods biramous ; male pleopods well developed; female pleopods well developed . Uropods present; protopod without curved spiniform process; endopod with two to six articles; exopod with more than two articles.

Generic composition. Ctenapseudes Bamber, Ariyananda & Silva Brum, 1996; Discapseudes Bacescu & Gutu, 1975; Gutuapseudes Edgar, 1997; Halmyrapseudes Bacescu & Gutu, 1974; Longiflagrum Gutu, 1995; Pakistanapseudes Bacescu, 1978; Parapseudes G.O. Sars, 1882; Pseudoapseudes Gutu, 1981; Saltipedis Gutu, 1995b; Swireapseudes Bamber, 1997; Trichapseues Barnard, 1920.

Remarks . Remarks . A poorly described shallow-water family.

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