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Notolychnus valdiviae (Brauer, 1904)
Topside Lampfish; Myctophum valdiviae Brauer, 1904

Life   Vertebrata   Fish   Myctophidae   Notolychnus

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Species Notolychnus valdiviae (Brauer, 1904)


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Species Notolychnus valdiviae (Brauer, 1904)

Topside Lanternfish , Topside Lampfish

  • Myctophum valdiviae Brauer, A. 1904. Die Gattung Myctophum . Zoologischer Anzeiger 28 (10): 377-404 figs 1-9 [398, fig. 6] [as Myctophum Valdiviae ].
    Type data:
    Syntype(s) SMF 2074–5, Atlantic and Indian Oceans; SMF 11942, Atlantic and Indian Oceans; SMNS 4477, Atlantic and Indian Oceans; ZMB 17586–9, Atlantic and Indian Oceans; ZMB 20007, Atlantic and Indian Oceans; SNMBR I.10017, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.




New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia

Extra Distribution Information

Off Cape Bouvard (32º44´S) to off Leander Point (29º07´S), WA and off Lizard Island, QLD (14º30´S) to off Sydney, NSW (34º10´S); tropical, circumglobal.

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Southeast Transition (11), Central Eastern Province (12), Tasman Basin Province (13), Central Eastern Transition (15), Kenn Transition (16), Kenn Province (17), Northeast Province (18), Northeast Transition (19), Cape Province (20), Central Western Transition (5), Central Western Province (6), Southwest Transition (7)

Original AFD Distribution Data

Australian Region

  • Australia
    • New South Wales: SE oceanic
    • Queensland: NE oceanic, SE oceanic
    • Western Australia: W oceanic

Ecological Descriptors



General References

Legand, M. & Rivaton, J. 1967. Cycles biologiques des poissons mesopelagiques dans l'est de l'Ocean Indien. Cahiers O.R.S.T.O.M. Serie Océanographique 5 (4): 73-98 figs 1-12


Common Name References

Fishbase 2004. Fishbase at. http://www.fishbase.org/Summary. (Fishbase) (Topside Lampfish)

Seafood Services Australia 2008. Australian Fish Names Standard. http://www.fishnames.com.au/. ( Topside Lanternfish )


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Kingdom Animalia  
 Phylum Chordata  
 Class Actinopterygii  
 Order Myctophiformes  
 Family Myctophidae  
 Genus Notolychnus  
  Notolychnus valdiviae    (Brauer, 1904) 
Provider: Ming-Chi Wang 
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Synonyms: Myctophum valdiviae Vestula valdiviae   details
Citation: A review of lanternfishes( Families: Myctophidae and Neoscopelidae) and their distributions around Taiwan and Tungsha Islands with notes on seventeen new records(Wang and Chen, 2001) Fishes of Japan(Nakabo, 2002)
Character: D. 10-11; A. 12-13; P. 11-13; V. 6; AO 4 + 4, total 8; G.R. 2 + 1 + 7, total 10 Origin of dorsal fin over base of ventral fin. Origin of anal fin under end of base of dorsal fin. Pectoral fins extending to VO1 or VO2. Ventral fins reaching origin of anal fin. Base of adipose fin well behind end of base of anal fin. Dn small and rounded; Vn absent. A very small Op1 below angle of mouth; Op2 much larger and about at level of ventral margin of orbit. PLO on lateral line and in contact with posterior dorsal margin of operculum. PVO1 in advance of vertical through PO2, midway between ventral base of pectoral fin and ventral profile; PVO2 at lower base of pectoral fin. Five PO; PO3 and PO4 highly elevated, PO4 about 1 time its own diameter below lateral line. Four VO; VO1 remarkably elevated. VLO midway between base of pectoral fin and lateral line. Three SAO, forming a straight line, SAO2 below and in contact with lateral line, SAO3 at end of base of dorsal fin. Two Pol, Pol2 almost in contact with base of adipose fin. Three AOa, level. Four AOp, level and interspace evenly. Two Prc, Prc2 over Prc1 and well above lateral line. A single deeply set translucent SUGL present in both sexes, but no INGL. Males have much larger eyes and a longer SUGL than those of females. 
Habitat: High-oceanic, epipelagic and mesopelagic. Found between 375-700 m during the day and between 25-350 m at night. Size stratification with depth during the day only. Juveniles migratory; adults migratory, partially migratory or non-migratory. Feed on copepo 
Distribution: Off southeastern and southwestern Taiwan waters. Tropical and temperate waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. 
Name Code: 381224
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