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Myroconger nigrodentatus
© Copyright Photographer/SFTEP, 2002 · 0
Myroconger nigrodentatus
© Copyright Photographer/SFTEP, 2002 · 0

Main identification features
  • rear nostril = hole before large eye
  • dorsal and anal finslarge, join blunt c
  • ll: ends above pectoral
  • with pectorals


This family contains a single genus with 1 specie, found at scattered localities in the west and east Pacific, and Atlantic; one endemic species occurs in the eastern Pacific.

The body is compressed and moray like, the eyes are well developed; the lateral line is greatly reduced, with only 5-7 pores on the body above the small gill opening; pectoral fins are present; the rear nostril is level with the upper edge of the eye, dorsal and anal fins are confluent with the tail fin and the dorsal origin is before the gill opening.

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