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Atractosteus tropicus
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Atractosteus tropicus
Atractosteus tropicus
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Atractosteus tropicus
Atractosteus tropicus
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Atractosteus tropicus
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Main identification features
  • elongate;long conical snout;long mouth, large teeth
  • dorsal and anal finsat rear
  • tail base curves up in crest; tail fin top - large bony scales
  • scales polygonal, interlocking diagonally


Elongate; a long conical snout; vertebral column continues upwards in a fleshy ridge at base of tail fin;nostrils at front of snout; large teeth on both jaws, in two rows on top jaw and one on bottom, outer edges of top and bottom jaws with a row of needlelike teeth; pectoral low on flank; pelvics at about middle of body; dorsal (1) and anal fin at rear just before tail; fins without spines; top edge of tail fin covered with bony scales; scales large and rhomboidal, attached diagonally to each other by peg-and-socket; anus bordered by three modified scales.

The family is found only in north and central American waters. All are basically freshwater fishes although a few enter brackish water. There are seven species in two genera, with one central American species entering brackish water in our region.

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