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1845 kinds match in CA, BC

Abagrotis apposita  [popup]
Abagrotis baueri  [popup]
Abagrotis brunneipennis  [popup]
Rhynchagrotis adulta
Abagrotis cupida  [popup]
Rhynchagrotis cupida
Abagrotis dickeli  [popup]
Abagrotis discoidalis  [popup]
Abagrotis dodi  [popup]
Abagrotis duanca  [popup]
Abagrotis erratica  [popup]
Abagrotis forbesi  [popup]
Abagrotis glenni  [popup]
Abagrotis hermina  [popup]
Abagrotis mirabilis  [popup]
Abagrotis nanalis  [popup]
Abagrotis nefascia  [popup]
Abagrotis crumbi
Abagrotis orbis  [popup]
Abagrotis barnesi
Abagrotis placida  [popup]
Abagrotis pulchrata  [popup]
Abagrotis reedi  [popup]
Abagrotis scopeops  [popup]
Abagrotis tecatensis
Abagrotis trigona  [popup]
Abagrotis turbulenta  [popup]
Abagrotis variata  [popup]
Abagrotis vittifrons  [popup]
Abrostola urentis  [popup]
Spectacled Nettle Moth...
Acasis viridata  [popup]
Olive-And-Black Carpet
Acerra normalis  [popup]
Acleris albicomana  [popup]
Red-edged Acleris Moth...
Acleris bowmanana  [popup]
Acleris britannia  [popup]
Brittania Moth...
Acleris caliginosana  [popup]
Acleris celiana  [popup]
Acleris cervinana  [popup]
Acleris comariana  [popup]
Strawberry Tortrix Moth
Acleris cornana  [popup]
Acleris curvalana  [popup]
Blueberry Leaftier Moth...
Acleris forbesana  [popup]
Forbes Acleris Moth
Acleris forskaleana  [popup]
Hairnet Acleris Moth...
Acleris gloveranus  [popup]
Western Black-headed Budworm Moth...
Acleris hastiana  [popup]
Acleris holmiana  [popup]
White-marked Acleris Moth...
Acleris logiana  [popup]
Black-headed Birch Leaffolder Moth
Acleris maccana  [popup]
Acleris maximana  [popup]
Acleris nivisellana  [popup]
Snowy-shouldered Acleris Moth
Acleris oxycoccana  [popup]
Acleris robinsoniana  [popup]
Robinsons Acleris Moth
Acleris schalleriana  [popup]
Schallers Acleris Moth...
Acleris variana  [popup]
Eastern Black-headed Budworm Moth
Acleris variegana  [popup]
Garden Rose Tortrix Moth
Acopa perpallida  [popup]
Acossus populi  [popup]
Aspen Carpenterworm Moth
Acrobasis tricolorella  [popup]
Destructive Prune Worm Moth
Acrocercops astericola  [popup]
Acronicta cyanescens  [popup]
Acronicta dactylina  [popup]
Fingered Dagger Moth...
Acronicta falcula  [popup]
Acronicta mansueta...
Acronicta fragilis  [popup]
Fragile Dagger Moth
Acronicta funeralis  [popup]
Funerary Dagger Moth
Acronicta grisea  [popup]
Acronicta tartarea...
Acronicta hasta  [popup]
Speared Dagger Moth...
Acronicta impleta  [popup]
Yellow-haired Dagger Moth
Acronicta impressa  [popup]
Impressed Dagger Moth...
Acronicta innotata  [popup]
Unmarked Dagger Moth
Acronicta lanceolaria  [popup]
Acronicta lepusculina  [popup]
Cottonwood Dagger Moth
Acronicta lupini  [popup]
Merolonche lupini...
Acronicta mansueta  [popup]
Acronicta marmorata  [popup]
Marble Dagger Moth
Acronicta oblinita  [popup]
Smeared Dagger Moth...
Acronicta perdita  [popup]
Acronicta quadrata  [popup]
Quadrate Dagger Moth
Acronicta radcliffei  [popup]
Radcliffes Dagger Moth
Acronicta strigulata  [popup]
Acronicta vulpina  [popup]
Miller Dagger
Actebia balanitis  [popup]
Protexarnis balanitis
Actebia fennica  [popup]
Finland Dart...
Adela septentrionella  [popup]
Adelphagrotis indeterminata  [popup]
Adelphagrotis stellaris  [popup]
Adelphagrotis quarta
Admetovis oxymorus  [popup]
Admetovis similaris  [popup]
Aethalura intertexta  [popup]
Four-Barred Gray
Aethes deutschiana  [popup]
Aethes promptana  [popup]
Phtheochroa promptana
Aethes rutilana  [popup]
Aethes smeathmanniana  [popup]
Smeathmanns Aethes Moth...
Aetole extraneella  [popup]
Heliodines extraneella
Agapeta zoegana  [popup]
Knapweed Root-borer Moth
Aglossa pinguinalis  [popup]
Large Tabby Moth...
Agnorisma bugrai  [popup]
Xestia bugrai...
Agonopterix alstroemeriana  [popup]
Agonopterix arenella  [popup]
Agonopterix argillacea  [popup]
Agonopterix canadensis  [popup]
Canadian Agonopterix Moth
Agonopterix conterminella  [popup]
Agonopterix nervosa  [popup]
Gorse Tip Moth
Agonopterix sabulella  [popup]
Agriphila plumbifimbriellus  [popup]
Agriphila plumbifimbriella
Agriphila ruricolellus  [popup]
Lesser Vagabond Sod Webworm...
Agriphila straminella  [popup]
Agrius cingulata  [popup]
Pink-spotted Hawk Moth...
Agrochola pulchella  [popup]
Agrochola purpurea  [popup]
Agrotis antica  [popup]
Agrotis gravis  [popup]
Agrotis ipsilon  [popup]
Ipsilon Dart...
Agrotis obliqua  [popup]
Agrotis musa
Agrotis ruta  [popup]
Xylina ruta...
Agrotis stigmosa  [popup]
Agrotis vancouverensis  [popup]
Agrotis aeneipennis...
Agrotis venerabilis  [popup]
Venerable Dart
Agrotis vetusta  [popup]
Old Man Dart...
Agrotis volubilis  [popup]
Voluble Dart
Alabama argillacea  [popup]
Cotton Moth...
Alastria chico  [popup]
Albuna pyramidalis  [popup]
Fireweed Clearwing Moth
Alucita adriendenisi  [popup]
Alucita montana  [popup]
Six-plume Moth...
Alypia langtoni  [popup]
Six-Spotted Forester
Alypia octomaculata  [popup]
Eight-spotted Forester
Alypia ridingsii  [popup]
Ridings Forester Moth...
Ambesa laetella  [popup]
Amblyptilia pica  [popup]
Geranium Plume Moth
Amorbia cuneana  [popup]
Amorbia cuneanua
Amphipoea americana  [popup]
American Ear Moth
Amphipoea interoceanica  [popup]
Strawberry Cutworm Moth
Amphipyra glabella  [popup]
Grey Amphipyra
Amphipyra pyramidoides  [popup]
Copper Underwing
Amphipyra tragopoginis  [popup]
Mouse Moth
Anacampsis innocuella  [popup]
Dark-headed Aspen Leafroller Moth
Anagrapha falcifera  [popup]
Celery Looper Moth...
Anania funebris  [popup]
White-spotted Sable Moth
Anaplectoides prasina  [popup]
Green Arches
Anaplectoides pressus  [popup]
Dappled Dart...
Anarsia lineatella  [popup]
Peach Twig Borer Moth
Anarta columbica  [popup]
Anarta crotchii  [popup]
Discestra crotchii...
Anarta decepta  [popup]
Trichoclea decepta...
Anarta edwardsii  [popup]
Trichoclea edwardsii
Anarta farnhami  [popup]
Discestra farnhami
Anarta hamata  [popup]
Discestra hamata
Anarta mutata  [popup]
Discestra mutata...
Anarta nigrolunata  [popup]
Anarta oregonica  [popup]
Discestra oregonica
Anarta trifolii  [popup]
Discestra trifolii...
Anathix aggressa  [popup]
Anathix agressa
Anathix puta  [popup]
Puta Sallow Moth
Anavitrinella addendaria  [popup]
Anavitrinelia addendaria
Anavitrinella pampinaria  [popup]
Common Gray...
Ancylis diminutana  [popup]
Ancylis metamelana  [popup]
Black-marked Ancylis Moth
Ancylis tineana  [popup]
Ancylis unguicella  [popup]
Androloma maccullochii  [popup]
Maccullochs Forester
Andropolia aedon  [popup]
Andropolia contacta  [popup]
Anropolia sansar...
Andropolia diversilineata  [popup]
Andropolia theodori  [popup]
Anhimella contrahens  [popup]
Anhimella pacifica  [popup]
Anhimella perbrunnea  [popup]
Anicla exuberans  [popup]
Euagrotis exuberans...
Anicla tepperi  [popup]
Euagrotis tepperi
Annaphila danistica  [popup]
Annaphila decia  [popup]
Annaphila diva  [popup]
Anopina arizonana  [popup]
Antheraea polyphemus  [popup]
Polyphemus Moth
Anticlea multiferata  [popup]
Many-Lined Carpet
Anticlea vasiliata  [popup]
Variable Carpet Moth
Apamea acera  [popup]
Apamea alia  [popup]
Apamea amputatrix  [popup]
Yellow Headed Cutworm Moth...
Apamea antennata  [popup]
Apamea atriclava  [popup]
Apamea auranticolor  [popup]
Apamea centralis  [popup]
Apamea cinefacta  [popup]
Apamea cogitata  [popup]
Thoughtful Apamea Moth
Apamea commoda  [popup]
Apamea parcata
Apamea contradicta  [popup]
Apamea cuculliformis  [popup]
Apamea devastator  [popup]
Glassy Cutworm Moth...
Apamea impulsa  [popup]
Apamea indocilis  [popup]
Apamea ampliata...
Apamea inficita  [popup]
Apamea conradi...
Apamea inordinata  [popup]
Apamea semilunata
Apamea lignicolora  [popup]
Wood-Colored Apamea
Apamea longula  [popup]
Crymodes longula
Apamea lutosa  [popup]
Apamea maxima  [popup]
Apamea niveivenosa  [popup]
Apamea obscuroides...
Apamea occidens  [popup]
Western Apamea Moth
Apamea plutonia  [popup]
Dusky Apamea Moth
Apamea remissa  [popup]
Ignorant Apamea
Apamea scoparia  [popup]
Apamea lateritia...
Apamea sora  [popup]
Apamea sordens  [popup]
Bordered Apamea...
Apamea spaldingi  [popup]
Apamea unanimis  [popup]
Small Clouded Brindle Moth
Apamea vultuosa  [popup]
Apamea multicolor...
Apamea zeta  [popup]
Apamea exulis...
Aplectoides condita  [popup]
Aplocera plagiata  [popup]
Treble-bar Moth
Apodrepanulatrix litaria  [popup]
Apotomis bifida  [popup]
Apotomis capreana  [popup]
Sallow Apotomis Moth
Apotomis funerea  [popup]
Funereal Apotomis Moth
Apotomis removana  [popup]
Green Aspen Leafroller Moth
Apotomops wellingtoniana  [popup]
Anopina wellingtoniana...
Archiearis infans  [popup]
The Infant...
Archips argyrospila  [popup]
Fruit-tree Leafroller Moth
Archips cerasivorana  [popup]
Ugly-nest Caterpillar Moth
Archips grisea  [popup]
Gray Archips Moth
Archips packardiana  [popup]
Spring Spruce Needle Moth
Archips podana  [popup]
Large Fruit-tree Tortrix Moth
Archips rosana  [popup]
European Leafroller Moth
Archips strianus  [popup]
Archips tsuganus  [popup]
Arctia caja  [popup]
Great Tiger Moth...
Arctia opulenta  [popup]
Tiger Moth
Argyresthia conjugella  [popup]
Apple Fruit Moth
Argyresthia cupressella  [popup]
Argyresthia freyella  [popup]
Argyresthia goedartella  [popup]
Bronze Alder Moth
Argyresthia monochromella  [popup]
Argyresthia oreasella  [popup]
Cherry Shoot Borer Moth
Argyresthia pruniella  [popup]
Cherry Fruit Moth
Argyresthia pygmaeella  [popup]
Argyresthia thuiella  [popup]
Arborvitae Leafminer Moth
Argyrotaenia dorsalana  [popup]
Argyrotaenia franciscana  [popup]
Orange Tortrix Moth...
Argyrotaenia gogana  [popup]
Argyrotaenia occultana  [popup]
Fall Spruce Needle Moth
Argyrotaenia provana  [popup]
Argyrotaenia tabulana  [popup]
Jack Pine Tube Moth
Aristotelia fungivorella  [popup]
Aristotelia roseosuffusella  [popup]
Aristotelia rubidella  [popup]
Asaphocrita aphidiella  [popup]
Asaphocrita dives
Ascalapha odorata  [popup]
Black Witch Moth
Aseptis adnixa  [popup]
Aseptis binotata  [popup]
Aseptis characta  [popup]
Aseptis fumosa  [popup]
Aseptis genetrix  [popup]
Aspitates aberrata  [popup]
Athrips rancidella  [popup]
Cotoneaster Webworm Moth
Autographa ampla  [popup]
Large Looper Moth
Autographa bimaculata  [popup]
Two-spotted Looper Moth
Autographa buraetica  [popup]
Autographa californica  [popup]
Alfalfa Looper Moth
Autographa corusca  [popup]
Autographa flagellum  [popup]
Autographa mappa  [popup]
Wavy Chestnut Y Moth
Autographa metallica  [popup]
Autographa pseudogamma  [popup]
Autographa rubidus  [popup]
Autographa sansoni  [popup]
Autographa speciosa  [popup]
Autographa v-alba  [popup]
Bactra furfurana  [popup]
Batia lunaris  [popup]
Batia Moth
Batrachedra praeangusta  [popup]
Batrachedra preangusta
Batrachedra striolata  [popup]
Behrensia conchiformis  [popup]
Bellura obliqua  [popup]
Cattail Borer Moth
Benjaminiola colorada  [popup]
Besma quercivoraria  [popup]
Oak Besma
Biston betularia  [popup]
Peppered Moth...
Bleptina caradrinalis  [popup]
Bent-winged Owlet Moth
Brachionycha borealis  [popup]
Brachylomia algens  [popup]
Brachylomia discinigra  [popup]
Brachylomia populi  [popup]
Brachylomia rectifascia  [popup]
Brachylomia thula  [popup]
Bruceia pulverina  [popup]
Brymblia quadrimaculella  [popup]
Bryotropha gemella  [popup]
Bryotropha plantariella  [popup]
Bryotropha similis  [popup]
Bryotropha clandestina...
Bucculatrix ainsliella  [popup]
Oak Skeletonizer Moth
Bucculatrix canadensisella  [popup]
Birch Skeletonizer Moth
Bucculatrix pomifoliella  [popup]
Bulia deducta  [popup]
Cabera borealis  [popup]
Cabera erythemaria  [popup]
Yellow-dusted Cream Moth
Cabera exanthemata  [popup]
Cabera variolaria  [popup]
Pink-Striped Willow Spanworm Moth
Caenurgina annexa  [popup]
Caenurgina caerulea  [popup]
Caenurgina crassiuscula  [popup]
Clover Looper Moth...
Caenurgina erechtea  [popup]
Forage Looper Moth...
Callizzia amorata  [popup]
Gray Scoopwing Moth
Calophasia lunula  [popup]
Toadflax Brocade Moth
Caloptilia alnicolella  [popup]
Caloptilia alnivorella  [popup]
Alder Leafminer Moth
Caloptilia azaleella  [popup]
Azalea Leaf Miner Moth...
Caloptilia murtfeldtella  [popup]
Caloptilia sanguinella  [popup]
Caloptilia stigmatella  [popup]
Caloptilia strictella  [popup]
Cameraria agrifoliella  [popup]
Cameraria gaultheriella  [popup]
Campaea perlata  [popup]
Pale Beauty...
Capsula oblonga  [popup]
Archanara oblonga...
Capsula subflava  [popup]
Archanara subflava
Caradrina camina  [popup]
Platyperigea camina
Caradrina meralis  [popup]
Rare Sand Quaker Moth...
Caradrina montana  [popup]
Caradrina extima...
Caradrina morpheus  [popup]
Mottled Rustic Moth
Carcina quercana  [popup]
Oak Skeletonizer Moth
Caripeta aequaliaria  [popup]
Indian Blanket Moth
Caripeta angustiorata  [popup]
Brown Pine Looper Moth
Caripeta divisata  [popup]
Gray Spruce Looper Moth
Carpatolechia proximella  [popup]
Teleiodes proximella
Carsia sororiata  [popup]
Caryocolum pullatella  [popup]
Caryocolum subtractella
Catabena lineolata  [popup]
Fine-Lined Sallow
Catocala aholibah  [popup]
Aholibah Underwing Moth
Catocala briseis  [popup]
Briseis Underwing
Catocala californica  [popup]
Catocala faustina  [popup]
Catocala cleopatra
Catocala junctura  [popup]
Catocala arizonae...
Catocala relicta  [popup]
White Underwing...
Catocala semirelicta  [popup]
Semirelict Underwing
Catocala ultronia  [popup]
Ultronia Underwing
Catocala unijuga  [popup]
Once-married Underwing
Catoptria latiradiellus  [popup]
Catoptria maculalis  [popup]
Catoptria oregonica  [popup]
Oregon Catoptria Moth...
Cauchas simpliciella  [popup]
Chalceopla simpliciella
Ceranemota albertae  [popup]
Alberta Lutestring Moth
Ceranemota fasciata  [popup]
Ceranemota improvisa  [popup]
Ceranemota tearlei  [popup]
Cerastis enigmatica  [popup]
Enigmatic Dart Moth
Cerastis salicarum  [popup]
Willow Dart...
Ceratodalia gueneata  [popup]
Cerura scitiscripta  [popup]
Black-etched Prominent
Chalcoela iphitalis  [popup]
Sooty-winged Chalcoela Moth
Chersotis juncta  [popup]
Chionodes abella  [popup]
Chionodes acerella  [popup]
Chionodes agriodes  [popup]
Chionodes seculaella
Chionodes braunella  [popup]
Chionodes loetae
Chionodes ceanothiella  [popup]
Chionodes chrysopyla  [popup]
Chionodes continuella  [popup]
Frumenta Moth
Chionodes fictor  [popup]
Chionodes histon  [popup]
Chionodes lictor  [popup]
Chionodes lugubrella  [popup]
Chionodes mediofuscella  [popup]
Black-smudged Chionodes Moth
Chionodes metoecus  [popup]
Chionodes nigrobarbata  [popup]
Chionodes nigrobarbatus
Chionodes occidentella  [popup]
Chionodes vanduzeei
Chionodes occlusa  [popup]
Chionodes occlusus
Chionodes periculella  [popup]
Chionodes petalumensis  [popup]
Chionodes pinax  [popup]
Chionodes praecia  [popup]
Chionodes praeclarella  [popup]
Chionodes fluvialella
Chionodes praetor  [popup]
Chionodes psiloptera  [popup]
Chionodes abradescens...
Chionodes restio  [popup]
Chionodes retiniella  [popup]
Chionodes sabinianae  [popup]
Chionodes salicella  [popup]
Chionodes sattleri  [popup]
Chionodes terminimaculella  [popup]
Chionodes trichostola  [popup]
Chlorochlamys chloroleucaria  [popup]
Blackberry Looper Moth...
Chlorochlamys triangularis  [popup]
Chlorosea banksaria  [popup]
Chlorosea nevadaria  [popup]
Choreutis diana  [popup]
Dianas Choreutis Moth...
Choreutis pariana  [popup]
Apple Leaf Skeletonizer Moth
Choristoneura biennis  [popup]
Two-year-cycle Budworm Moth
Choristoneura conflictana  [popup]
Large Aspen Tortrix Moth
Choristoneura fumiferana  [popup]
Spruce Budworm Moth...
Choristoneura lambertiana  [popup]
Choristoneura occidentalis  [popup]
Western Spruce Budworm Moth
Choristoneura orae  [popup]
Choristoneura pinus  [popup]
Jack Pine Budworm Moth...
Choristoneura rosaceana  [popup]
Oblique-banded Leafroller Moth
Choristostigma disputalis  [popup]
Choristostigma plumbosignalis  [popup]
Chrysoclista linneella  [popup]
Linden Bark-borer Moth
Chrysodeixis chalcites  [popup]
Golden Twin-spot Moth
Chrysoteuchia topiarius  [popup]
Topiary Grass-veneer Moth
Chytolita morbidalis  [popup]
Morbid Owlet
Chytonix palliatricula  [popup]
Cloaked Marvel
Cisseps fulvicollis  [popup]
Yellow-collared Scape Moth
Cissusa indiscreta  [popup]
Cissusa subtermina
Cladara atroliturata  [popup]
The Scribbler...
Cladara limitaria  [popup]
Mottled Gray Carpet...
Clemensia albata  [popup]
Little White Lichen Moth...
Clepsis clemensiana  [popup]
Clemens Clepsis Moth
Clepsis penetralis  [popup]
Clepsis persicana  [popup]
White-triangle Leafroller Moth...
Clepsis spectrana  [popup]
Clepsis virescana  [popup]
Ptycholoma virescana
Clostera albosigma  [popup]
Sigmoid Prominent
Clostera apicalis  [popup]
Apical Prominent
Clostera brucei  [popup]
Clostera strigosa  [popup]
Striped Chocolate-tip Moth
Cnephasia stephensiana  [popup]
Stephens Cnephasia Moth
Coenophila opacifrons  [popup]
Blueberry Dart Moth
Coleophora acutipennella  [popup]
Coleophora alnifoliae  [popup]
Coleophora annulicola  [popup]
Coleophora bidentella  [popup]
Coleophora brunneipennis  [popup]
Coleophora cervinella  [popup]
Coleophora cornella  [popup]
Coleophora cratipennella  [popup]
Streaked Coleophora Moth
Coleophora cretaticostella  [popup]
Coleophora deauratella  [popup]
Coleophora duplicis  [popup]
Coleophora elaeagnisella  [popup]
Speckled Case-bearer Moth...
Coleophora glaucella  [popup]
Coleophora glaucicolella  [popup]
Coleophora klimeschiella  [popup]
Russian Thistle Casebearer Moth
Coleophora maritella  [popup]
Coleophora mayrella  [popup]
Metallic Coleophora Moth...
Coleophora nigrostriata  [popup]
Coleophora pruniella  [popup]
Cherry Casebearer Moth...
Coleophora rosaevorella  [popup]
Coleophora sacramenta  [popup]
Coleophora seminella  [popup]
Coleophora serratella  [popup]
Cigar Casebearer Moth...
Coleophora simulans  [popup]
Coleophora sparsipulvella  [popup]
Coleophora spinella  [popup]
Apple and Plum Casebearer Moth
Coleophora trifolii  [popup]
Large Clover Casebearer Moth
Coleophora vancouverensis  [popup]
Coleophora viscidiflorella  [popup]
Coleophora wyethiae  [popup]
Coleotechnites atrupictella  [popup]
Coleotechnites blastovora  [popup]
Coleotechnites canusella  [popup]
Banded Jack-Pine Needleminer Moth
Coleotechnites florae  [popup]
Coleotechnites Flower Moth
Coleotechnites granti  [popup]
Coleotechnites macleodi  [popup]
Brown Hemlock Needleminer Moth
Coleotechnites occidentis  [popup]
Coleotechnites piceaella  [popup]
Orange Spruce Needleminer Moth
Coleotechnites quercivorella  [popup]
Coleotechnites starki  [popup]
Colostygia turbata  [popup]
Condica discistriga  [popup]
Platysenta discistriga
Copablepharon absidum  [popup]
Copablepharon fuscum  [popup]
Sand-verbena Moth
Copablepharon viridisparsa  [popup]
Copablepharon hopfingeri...
Coptotriche malifoliella  [popup]
Apple Leaf Trumpet Miner Moth...
Coranarta luteola  [popup]
Anarta luteola...
Coranarta macrostigma  [popup]
Coryphista meadii  [popup]
Barberry Geometer
Cosipara tricoloralis  [popup]
Tricolored Cosipara Moth
Cosmia elisae  [popup]
Cosmia praeacuta  [popup]
Achytonix praeacuta
Cosmopterix fernaldella  [popup]
Fernalds Cosmopterix Moth
Cosmopterix molybdina  [popup]
Costaconvexa centrostrigaria  [popup]
Bent-Line Carpet...
Crambidia casta  [popup]
Pearly-winged Lichen Moth
Crambidia impura  [popup]
Crambus alienellus  [popup]
Crambus bidens  [popup]
Bidens Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus cockleellus  [popup]
Crambus leachellus  [popup]
Leachs Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus pascuella  [popup]
Crambus praefectellus  [popup]
Common Grass-veneer Moth...
Crambus unistriatellus  [popup]
Wide-stripe Grass-veneer Moth
Crambus whitmerellus  [popup]
Whitmers Grass-veneer Moth
Cryphia cuerva  [popup]
Cryphia Moth
Cryphia olivacea  [popup]
Cryphia olivacia
Cryptocala acadiensis  [popup]
Catocaline Dart
Ctenucha virginica  [popup]
Virginia Ctenucha
Cucullia antipoda  [popup]
Copicucullia antipoda...
Cucullia eulepis  [popup]
Copicucullia eulepis
Cucullia florea  [popup]
Gray-hooded-Owlet Moth
Cucullia intermedia  [popup]
Intermediate Cucullia
Cucullia mcdunnoughi  [popup]
Cucullia montanae  [popup]
Mountain Hooded Owlet Moth
Cucullia omissa  [popup]
Omitted Hooded Owlet Moth
Cucullia postera  [popup]
Cucullia pulla  [popup]
Lathosea pulla...
Cucullia similaris  [popup]
Cucullia speyeri  [popup]
Speyers Hooded Owlet Moth
Cucullia strigata  [popup]
Rancora strigata
Cyclophora dataria  [popup]
Cyclophora pendulinaria  [popup]
Sweetfern Geometer
Cycnia oregonensis  [popup]
Oregon Cycnia
Cycnia tenera  [popup]
Delicate Cycnia
Cydia coniferana  [popup]
Cydia latiferreana  [popup]
Filbertworm Moth...
Cydia pomonella  [popup]
Codling Moth
Cydia populana  [popup]
Cydia prosperana  [popup]
Darapsa choerilus  [popup]
Azalea Sphinx...
Dargida diffusa  [popup]
Wheat Head Armyworm Moth...
Dargida procinctus  [popup]
Dargida procinta...
Dargida terrapictalis  [popup]
Faronta terrapictalis
Dasychira grisefacta  [popup]
Dasychira plagiata  [popup]
Northern Pine Tussock Moth
Dasychira vagans  [popup]
Variable Tussock Moth
Dasyfidonia avuncularia  [popup]
Red-winged Wave Moth
Dasypyga alternosquamella  [popup]
Datana ministra  [popup]
Yellow-necked Caterpillar Moth...
Decantha boreasella  [popup]
Reticulated Decantha Moth
Decantha stonda  [popup]
Decodes fragariana  [popup]
Decodes fragarianus
Deilephila elpenor  [popup]
Elephant Hawk Moth
Deltote bellicula  [popup]
Bog Lithacodia...
Denisia haydenella  [popup]
Depressaria daucella  [popup]
Depressaria pastinacella  [popup]
Parsnip Webworm Moth
Depressariodes canella  [popup]
Depressariodes nivalis  [popup]
Exaeretia nivalis
Diachrysia aereoides  [popup]
Dark-spotted Looper Moth...
Diarsia calgary  [popup]
Diarsia dislocata  [popup]
Diarsia esurialis  [popup]
Diarsia rosaria  [popup]
Diarsia freemani
Diarsia rubifera  [popup]
Red Dart Moth
Dichagyris variabilis  [popup]
Pseudorthosia variabilis
Dichelia histrionana  [popup]
Dichomeris gnoma  [popup]
Dichomeris leuconotella  [popup]
Two-spotted Dichomeris Moth
Dichomeris marginella  [popup]
Juniper Webworm Moth
Dichrorampha simulana  [popup]
Dichrorampha vancouverana  [popup]
Tanacetum Root Moth
Digrammia californiaria  [popup]
Semiothisa californiaria
Digrammia curvata  [popup]
Semiothisa curvata
Digrammia decorata  [popup]
Decorated Granite Moth
Digrammia delectata  [popup]
Semiothisa delectata...
Digrammia denticulata  [popup]
Semiothisa denticulata
Digrammia irrorata  [popup]
Semiothisa irrorata
Digrammia muscariata  [popup]
Semiothisa muscariata...
Digrammia neptaria  [popup]
Semiothisa neptaria
Digrammia nubiculata  [popup]
Semiothisa nubiculata
Digrammia ordinata  [popup]
Semiothisa ordinata...
Digrammia rippertaria  [popup]
Digrammia setonana  [popup]
Semiothisa setonana
Digrammia subminiata  [popup]
Semiothisa subminiata...
Digrammia triviata  [popup]
Semiothisa triviata...
Dioryctria abietivorella  [popup]
Evergreen Coneworm Moth
Dioryctria auranticella  [popup]
Ponderosa Pine Coneworm Moth
Dioryctria banksiella  [popup]
Dioryctria okanaganella  [popup]
Dioryctria pseudotsugella  [popup]
Dioryctria reniculelloides  [popup]
Spruce Coneworm Moth
Ditula angustiorana  [popup]
Red-barred Tortrix Moth
Drasteria adumbrata  [popup]
Synedoida adumbrata
Drasteria divergens  [popup]
Synedoida divergens
Drasteria hastingsii  [popup]
Drasteria howlandii  [popup]
Drasteria howlandi-tejonica...
Drasteria hudsonica  [popup]
Synedoida hudsonica
Drasteria ochracea  [popup]
Synedoida ochracea
Drasteria petricola  [popup]
Synedoida petricola
Drasteria sabulosa  [popup]
Drasteria nichollae
Drepana arcuata  [popup]
Arched Hooktip Moth
Drepana bilineata  [popup]
Two-Lined Hooktip Moth
Drepanulatrix carnearia  [popup]
Drepanulatrix falcataria  [popup]
Drepanulatrix foeminaria  [popup]
Drepanulatrix quadraria  [popup]
Drepanulatrix secundaria  [popup]
Drepanulatrix unicalcararia  [popup]
Spurred Wave Moth
Dryotype opina  [popup]
Dysstroma brunneata  [popup]
Dysstroma citrata  [popup]
Dark Marbled Carpet Moth
Dysstroma colvillei  [popup]
Dysstroma formosa  [popup]
Formosa Carpet Moth
Dysstroma hersiliata  [popup]
Orange-Barred Carpet
Dysstroma mancipata  [popup]
Dysstroma decorata
Dysstroma ochrofuscaria  [popup]
Dysstroma rutlandia  [popup]
Dysstroma sobria  [popup]
Dysstroma suspectata  [popup]
Dysstroma truncata  [popup]
Marbled Carpet
Dysstroma walkerata  [popup]
Orange-Spotted Carpet Moth
Eana argentana  [popup]
Eana osseana  [popup]
Eana Grass Tortrix Moth...
Ecliptopera silaceata  [popup]
Small Phoenix
Ectoedemia canutus  [popup]
Ectoedemia sericopeza  [popup]
Etainia sericopeza
Ectropis crepuscularia  [popup]
The Small Engrailed...
Egira cognata  [popup]
Egira crucialis  [popup]
Egira curialis  [popup]
Egira candida...
Egira dolosa  [popup]
Egira hiemalis  [popup]
Egira perlubens  [popup]
Brown Woodling Moth
Egira rubrica  [popup]
Egira simplex  [popup]
Egira variabilis  [popup]
... others not listed

REMAINING (number with state)
A Forewing distinctive color
 None (1351)
 Orange (458)
 Yellow (306)
 Red (230)
 Green (63)
 Blue (49)
 Z No photo (23)
A Forewing distinctive pattern
 Band (956)
 Spot (906)
 Complex (492)
 Veins (167)
 Stripe (140)
 None (138)
 Speckled (120)
 Checkered (39)
 Z No photo (3)
A Forewing main color
 Brown (1302)
 Gray (1068)
 White (498)
 Black (244)
 Orange (199)
 Green (35)
 Z Unknown (26)
A Shape at rest
 Arrow (680)
 Tent (501)
 Spread (465)
 Z No photo (325)
 Parallel (252)
 Tail (57)
 Up (37)
 Underside (5)
Antennae shape
 Simple (13)
 2-comb (2)
Claviform spot
 Absent (251)
 Indistinct (51)
 Dark margin (15)
 Dark (10)
 Light (10)
 Light margin (3)
 Z No photo (2)
Costal pattern
 Unclear (654)
 Over Four (629)
 4 (327)
 1 (318)
 3 (297)
 2 (261)
 0 (11)
 Z No photo (2)
Discal spot
 Absent (901)
 Dark (49)
 Hidden (25)
 Dark margin (6)
 Light (5)
 Z No photo (2)
 Light margin (1)
 Noctuidae (783)
 Geometridae (362)
 Tortricidae (175)
 Crambidae (78)
 Gelechiidae (74)
 Pyralidae (51)
 Arctiidae (49)
 Coleophoridae (31)
 Oecophoridae (26)
 Notodontidae (24)
 Gracillariidae (22)
 Yponomeutidae (22)
 Sphingidae (21)
 Sesiidae (13)
 Drepanidae (12)
 Tineidae (12)
 Lymantriidae (8)
 Prodoxidae (8)
 Thyatiridae (8)
 Pterophoridae (7)
 Lasiocampidae (6)
 Momphidae (6)
 Plutellidae (6)
 Saturniidae (6)
 Cosmopterigidae (5)
 Elachistidae (5)
 Pantheidae (5)
 Ypsolophidae (5)
 Blastobasidae (4)
 Nolidae (4)
 Bucculatricidae (3)
 Choreutidae (3)
 Ethmiidae (3)
 Hepialidae (3)
 Lyonetiidae (3)
 Adelidae (2)
 Alucitidae (2)
 Batrachedridae (2)
 Cossidae (2)
 Glyphipterigidae (2)
 Nepticulidae (2)
 Opostegidae (2)
 Agonoxenidae (1)
 Copromorphidae (1)
 Heliodinidae (1)
 Incurvariidae (1)
 Limacodidae (1)
 Psychidae (1)
 Pterolonchidae (1)
 Scythrididae (1)
 Symmocidae (1)
 Thyrididae (1)
 Tischeriidae (1)
 Uraniidae (1)
Forewing length mm
 16 (562)
 15 (531)
 17 (525)
 18 (483)
 14 (459)
 19 (391)
 13 (380)
 12 (351)
 11 (329)
 20 (304)
 10 (295)
 9 (272)
 8 (232)
 21 (214)
 7 (197)
 22 (172)
 6 (141)
 23 (139)
 24 (110)
 25 (82)
 5 (75)
 26 (51)
 Under 5 (47)
 27 (38)
 28 (34)
 30 (31)
 29 (30)
 31 (25)
 33 (25)
 32 (24)
 34 (24)
 35 (23)
 Over 40 (20)
 Z No photo (19)
 36 (16)
 37 (16)
 38 (15)
 Unknown (15)
 39 (12)
 40 (10)
Forewing shape
 Fringe (355)
 Smooth (326)
 Irregular (107)
 Angle (29)
 Hook (24)
 Euxoa (92)
 Eupithecia (51)
 Sympistis (44)
 Apamea (32)
 Chionodes (30)
 Coleophora (30)
 Xestia (25)
 Abagrotis (24)
 Lasionycta (24)
 Acleris (23)
 Epinotia (22)
 Acronicta (21)
 Hydriomena (21)
 Lacinipolia (18)
 Syngrapha (18)
 Xanthorhoe (18)
 Lithophane (15)
 Digrammia (14)
 Speranza (14)
 Autographa (13)
 Cucullia (12)
 Dysstroma (12)
 Scopula (12)
 Grammia (11)
 Agrotis (10)
 Anarta (10)
 Coleotechnites (10)
 Eucosma (10)
 Argyresthia (9)
 Catocala (9)
 Egira (9)
 Hypena (9)
 Macaria (9)
 Orthosia (9)
 Phyllonorycter (9)
 Polia (9)
 Synanthedon (9)
 Udea (9)
 Archips (8)
 Choristoneura (8)
 Crambus (8)
 Drasteria (8)
 Eudonia (8)
 Agonopterix (7)
 Caloptilia (7)
 Greya (7)
 Leucania (7)
 Oligia (7)
 Phaneta (7)
 Pyrausta (7)
 Schinia (7)
 Sparganothis (7)
 Zeiraphera (7)
 Argyrotaenia (6)
 Dioryctria (6)
 Drepanulatrix (6)
 Eulithis (6)
 Evergestis (6)
 Homorthodes (6)
 Mompha (6)
 Neoligia (6)
 Aseptis (5)
 Brachylomia (5)
 Clepsis (5)
 Cydia (5)
 Diarsia (5)
 Elachista (5)
 Euchlaena (5)
 Feltia (5)
 Gelechia (5)
 Grapholita (5)
 Lacanobia (5)
 Lobophora (5)
 Olethreutes (5)
 Papestra (5)
 Parabagrotis (5)
 Perizoma (5)
 Pero (5)
 Sphinx (5)
 Spilosoma (5)
 Tetracis (5)
 Xylena (5)
 Aethes (4)
 Ancylis (4)
 Andropolia (4)
 Apotomis (4)
 Cabera (4)
 Caenurgina (4)
 Caradrina (4)
 Ceranemota (4)
 Clostera (4)
 Entephria (4)
 Furcula (4)
 Gluphisia (4)
 Hadena (4)
 Hemaris (4)
 Homoglaea (4)
 Idia (4)
 Iridopsis (4)
 Melanchra (4)
 Monopis (4)
 Orthodes (4)
 Panthea (4)
 Platypolia (4)
 Plutella (4)
 Scoparia (4)
 Sideridis (4)
 Trichordestra (4)
 Venusia (4)
 Ypsolopha (4)
 Agriphila (3)
 Alypia (3)
 Amphipyra (3)
 Anhimella (3)
 Annaphila (3)
 Aristotelia (3)
 Bryotropha (3)
 Bucculatrix (3)
 Caripeta (3)
 Catoptria (3)
 Copablepharon (3)
 Dargida (3)
 Dasychira (3)
 Dichomeris (3)
 Enypia (3)
 Epirrhoe (3)
 Ethmia (3)
 Eupsilia (3)
 Eurois (3)
 Feralia (3)
 Filatima (3)
 Fishia (3)
 Heliothis (3)
 Hemileuca (3)
 Holcocera (3)
 Hydraecia (3)
 Hyppa (3)
 Idaea (3)
 Ipimorpha (3)
 Lophocampa (3)
 Lyonetia (3)
 Malacosoma (3)
 Mniotype (3)
 Mythimna (3)
 Nemoria (3)
 Nepytia (3)
 Notocelia (3)
 Nycteola (3)
 Operophtera (3)
 Pandemis (3)
 Pelochrista (3)
 Plagodis (3)
 Pleromelloida (3)
 Plusia (3)
 Ponometia (3)
 Prochoerodes (3)
 Pronoctua (3)
 Protorthodes (3)
 Proxenus (3)
 Pyla (3)
 Rheumaptera (3)
 Schizura (3)
 Semioscopis (3)
 Spaelotis (3)
 Stamnodes (3)
 Stenoporpia (3)
 Sunira (3)
 Tarache (3)
 Tesagrotis (3)
 Thera (3)
 Ufeus (3)
 Yponomeuta (3)
 Zale (3)
 Actebia (2)
 Adelphagrotis (2)
 Admetovis (2)
 Agrochola (2)
 Alucita (2)
 Amphipoea (2)
 Anaplectoides (2)
 Anathix (2)
 Anavitrinella (2)
 Anicla (2)
 Anticlea (2)
 Arctia (2)
 Batrachedra (2)
 Cameraria (2)
 Capsula (2)
 Cerastis (2)
 Chlorochlamys (2)
 Chlorosea (2)
 Choreutis (2)
 Choristostigma (2)
 Cladara (2)
 Coranarta (2)
 Cosmia (2)
 Cosmopterix (2)
 Crambidia (2)
 Cryphia (2)
 Cyclophora (2)
 Cycnia (2)
 Decantha (2)
 Depressaria (2)
 Depressariodes (2)
 Dichrorampha (2)
 Drepana (2)
 Eana (2)
 Ectoedemia (2)
 Enargia (2)
 Ennomos (2)
 Epirrita (2)
 Erannis (2)
 Eubaphe (2)
 Euclidia (2)
 Eufidonia (2)
 Euthyatira (2)
 Euzophera (2)
 Gabriola (2)
 Gazoryctra (2)
 Glyphipterix (2)
 Gnorimoschema (2)
 Gypsonoma (2)
 Hedya (2)
 Herpetogramma (2)
 Hesperumia (2)
 Hillia (2)
 Homoeosoma (2)
 Horisme (2)
 Hyalophora (2)
 Hydrelia (2)
 Hyles (2)
 Hypagyrtis (2)
 Hypenodes (2)
 Hypocoena (2)
 Loxostege (2)
 Lycia (2)
 Mamestra (2)
 Meris (2)
 Mesogona (2)
 Mesoleuca (2)
 Metanema (2)
 Monochroa (2)
 Mycterophora (2)
 Myelopsis (2)
 Nemapogon (2)
 Neoarctia (2)
 Noctua (2)
 Notodonta (2)
 Oligocentria (2)
 Orgyia (2)
 Ortholepis (2)
 Papaipema (2)
 Pediasia (2)
 Petrophila (2)
 Phalaenostola (2)
 Phigalia (2)
 Phragmatobia (2)
 Pococera (2)
 Probole (2)
 Properigea (2)
 Prorella (2)
 Proserpinus (2)
 Proteoteras (2)
 Protitame (2)
 Protolampra (2)
 Protoperigea (2)
 Psammopolia (2)
 Pseudanarta (2)
 Pseudohermonassa (2)
 Psychophora (2)
 Resapamea (2)
 Rhigognostis (2)
 Sarata (2)
 Saucrobotys (2)
 Selenia (2)
 Sericosema (2)
 Sicya (2)
 Smerinthus (2)
 Spargania (2)
 Spodoptera (2)
 Stamnoctenis (2)
 Stretchia (2)
 Swammerdamia (2)
 Synchlora (2)
 Thallophaga (2)
 Tinea (2)
 Tolype (2)
 Virbia (2)
 Vitula (2)
 Xanthotype (2)
 Xylotype (2)
 Zelleria (2)
 Zenophleps (2)
 Abrostola (1)
 Acasis (1)
 Acerra (1)
 Acopa (1)
 Acossus (1)
 Acrobasis (1)
 Acrocercops (1)
 Adela (1)
 Aethalura (1)
 Aetole (1)
 Agapeta (1)
 Aglossa (1)
 Agnorisma (1)
 Agrius (1)
 Alabama (1)
 Alastria (1)
 Albuna (1)
 Ambesa (1)
 Amblyptilia (1)
 Amorbia (1)
 Anacampsis (1)
 Anagrapha (1)
 Anania (1)
 Anarsia (1)
 Androloma (1)
 Anopina (1)
 Antheraea (1)
 Aplectoides (1)
 Aplocera (1)
 Apodrepanulatrix (1)
 Apotomops (1)
 Archiearis (1)
 Asaphocrita (1)
 Ascalapha (1)
 Aspitates (1)
 Athrips (1)
 Bactra (1)
 Batia (1)
 Behrensia (1)
 Bellura (1)
 Benjaminiola (1)
 Besma (1)
 Biston (1)
 Bleptina (1)
 Brachionycha (1)
 Bruceia (1)
 Brymblia (1)
 Bulia (1)
 Callizzia (1)
 Calophasia (1)
 Campaea (1)
 Carcina (1)
 Carpatolechia (1)
 Carsia (1)
 Caryocolum (1)
 Catabena (1)
 Cauchas (1)
 Ceratodalia (1)
 Cerura (1)
 Chalcoela (1)
 Chersotis (1)
 Chrysoclista (1)
 Chrysodeixis (1)
 Chrysoteuchia (1)
 Chytolita (1)
 Chytonix (1)
 Cisseps (1)
 Cissusa (1)
 Clemensia (1)
 Cnephasia (1)
 Coenophila (1)
 Colostygia (1)
 Condica (1)
 Coryphista (1)
 Cosipara (1)
 Costaconvexa (1)
 Cryptocala (1)
 Ctenucha (1)
 Darapsa (1)
 Dasyfidonia (1)
 Dasypyga (1)
 Datana (1)
 Decodes (1)
 Deilephila (1)
 Deltote (1)
 Denisia (1)
 Diachrysia (1)
 Dichagyris (1)
 Dichelia (1)
 Ditula (1)
 Dryotype (1)
 Ecliptopera (1)
 Ectropis (1)
 Eido (1)
 Eilema (1)
 Elaphria (1)
 Elophila (1)
 Emmelina (1)
 Enarmonia (1)
 Enchoria (1)
 Endothenia (1)
 Endrosis (1)
 Eoparargyractis (1)
 Eosphoropteryx (1)
 Epelis (1)
 Ephestiodes (1)
 Epiblema (1)
 Epidemas (1)
 Epiglaea (1)
 Eremobina (1)
 Estigmene (1)
 Etiella (1)
 Eucalantica (1)
 Euceratia (1)
 Euchalcia (1)
 Euchromius (1)
 Eucirroedia (1)
 Eudeilinia (1)
 Eudrepanulatrix (1)
 Eueretagrotis (1)
 Euhyponomeutoides (1)
 Eulia (1)
 Eulogia (1)
 Eumacaria (1)
 Euphyia (1)
 Euplexia (1)
 Eurhinosea (1)
 Eurythmia (1)
 Eutricopis (1)
 Exoteleia (1)
 Fumibotys (1)
 Galgula (1)
 Gesneria (1)
 Gillmeria (1)
 Glena (1)
 Gnophaela (1)
 Gnophos (1)
 Graphiphora (1)
 Gynaephora (1)
 Habrosyne (1)
 Hada (1)
 Hadenella (1)
 Helicoverpa (1)
 Heliocheilus (1)
 Hellinsia (1)
 Helotropha (1)
 Hemithea (1)
 Henricus (1)
 Hethemia (1)
 Hofmannophila (1)
 Holoarctia (1)
 Hyaloscotes (1)
 Hypatopa (1)
 Hypercompe (1)
 Hyphantria (1)
 Hypoprepia (1)
 Hypsopygia (1)
 Ixala (1)
 Lambdina (1)
 Lampronia (1)
 Lateroligia (1)
 Leptarctia (1)
 Leptostales (1)
 Leucobrephos (1)
 Leucoma (1)
 Limnaecia (1)
 Litholomia (1)
 Lithomoia (1)
 Lobocleta (1)
 Lomographa (1)
 Lotisma (1)
 Lozotaenia (1)
 Lycophotia (1)
 Lygephila (1)
 Lymantria (1)
 Macronoctua (1)
 Manduca (1)
 Marathyssa (1)
 Marmara (1)
 Mecyna (1)
 Megalographa (1)
 Meganola (1)
 Melanolophia (1)
 Melipotis (1)
 Melitara (1)
 Meroptera (1)
 Mesothea (1)
 Metarranthis (1)
 Metzneria (1)
 Microtheoris (1)
 Morophagoides (1)
 Nadata (1)
 Nematocampa (1)
 Neoalcis (1)
 Neotelphusa (1)
 Neoterpes (1)
 Nephelodes (1)
 Niditinea (1)
 Nola (1)
 Nomophila (1)
 Ochropleura (1)
 Odontosia (1)
 Oecophora (1)
 Oegoconia (1)
 Ogdoconta (1)
 Oidaematophorus (1)
 Opogona (1)
 Opostegoides (1)
 Oreana (1)
 Oreta (1)
 Orthofidonia (1)
 Orthotaenia (1)
 Oxyptilus (1)
 Pachysphinx (1)
 Palpita (1)
 Palthis (1)
 Paonias (1)
 Paradiarsia (1)
 Paranthrene (1)
 Pararctia (1)
 Parasemia (1)
 Parastichtis (1)
 Pasiphila (1)
 Peridroma (1)
 Perispasta (1)
 Phaeoura (1)
 Pheosia (1)
 Philedia (1)
 Phlogophora (1)
 Phobolosia (1)
 Photedes (1)
 Phtheochroa (1)
 Phyllocnistis (1)
 Phyllodesma (1)
 Plagiomimicus (1)
 Plataea (1)
 Platarctia (1)
 Platynota (1)
 Platyprepia (1)
 Platyptilia (1)
 Plemyria (1)
 Plodia (1)
 Podosesia (1)
 Polix (1)
 Polychrysia (1)
 Prionoxystus (1)
 Prognorisma (1)
 Prolita (1)
 Promylea (1)
 Prorasea (1)
 Protoboarmia (1)
 Protodeltote (1)
 Protolithocolletis (1)
 Protoschinia (1)
 Psamatodes (1)
 Pseudeva (1)
 Pseudobryomima (1)
 Pseudopostega (1)
 Pseudorthodes (1)
 Pseudosciaphila (1)
 Pseudothyatira (1)
 Pterolonche (1)
 Pyralis (1)
 Pyramidobela (1)
 Pyrrharctia (1)
 Pyrrhia (1)
 Rachiplusia (1)
 Raphia (1)
 Recurvaria (1)
 Retinia (1)
 Rhopobota (1)
 Rhyacia (1)
 Rivula (1)
 Sabulodes (1)
 Scoliopteryx (1)
 Scythris (1)
 Sesia (1)
 Setagrotis (1)
 Simyra (1)
 Sitochroa (1)
 Sorhagenia (1)
 Spargaloma (1)
 Spilonota (1)
 Spiramater (1)
 Spodolepis (1)
 Stegea (1)
 Stereomita (1)
 Sthenopis (1)
 Sutyna (1)
 Syndemis (1)
 Taniva (1)
 Tebenna (1)
 Tehama (1)
 Teleiodes (1)
 Telethusia (1)
 Tetanolita (1)
 Thaumatographa (1)
 Tholera (1)
 Thyris (1)
 Tineola (1)
 Tischeria (1)
 Toripalpus (1)
 Tortricidia (1)
 Trichocerapoda (1)
 Trichodezia (1)
 Trichoplusia (1)
 Triphosa (1)
 Tyria (1)
 Walshia (1)
 Xanthia (1)
 Xenolechia (1)
 Xenotemna (1)
 Xylomoia (1)
 Zanclognatha (1)
 Zosteropoda (1)
 Zotheca (1)
 Large (1554)
 Macro (1269)
 Micro (564)
Hindwing distinctive color
 None (61)
 Red/pink (20)
 Orange (9)
 Yellow (1)
Hindwing shape
 Fringe (411)
 Smooth (235)
 Irregular (72)
 Angle (25)
 Z No photo (2)
 07 Jul (1714)
 08 Aug (1605)
 06 Jun (1572)
 05 May (1271)
 09 Sep (1202)
 04 Apr (952)
 10 Oct (787)
 03 Mar (628)
 11 Nov (385)
 02 Feb (380)
 01 Jan (331)
 12 Dec (234)
 Unknown (4)
 Z No Photo (3)
Orbicular spot
 Absent (162)
 Light (109)
 Dark margin (69)
 Indistinct (69)
 Light margin (50)
 Dark (44)
 Z No photo (2)
 Short, hairless (11)
 Short, hairy (11)
 Spear, hairy (11)
 Spear, segmented, or base hairy (3)
 Curve, base hairy (2)
 Curve, hairless (2)
Reniform spot
 Absent (127)
 Light (112)
 Indistinct (91)
 Dark (82)
 Dark margin (77)
 Light margin (64)
 Rings (7)
 Z No photo (2)
Z Foreleg tibia
 Hair long (2)
 Hair thick (2)
 Hair step (1)
 Hair tube (1)
 Hair tuffs (1)
 Smooth (1)
Z Forewing postmedial line
 Jagged (3)
 Joined (1)
 Notched (1)
 Rounded (1)
Z Genus of Olethreutine
 Eucosma (10)
 Phaneta (7)
 Olethreutes (5)
 Ancylis (4)
 Gypsonoma (2)
 Proteoteras (2)
 Epiblema (1)
Z Profile
 Hair ball (3)
 Hair pad (3)
 Irregular (3)
 Shield (1)
Z Source
 Moth Photographers Group (1832)
 Nearctica (1677)
Z Species of Aristotelia
 Aristotelia roseosuffusella (1)
 Aristotelia rubidella (1)
Z Species of Coleophora
 Coleophora cratipennella (1)
 Coleophora mayrella (1)
Z Species of Glaphyria
 Elophila icciusalis (1)
 Eoparargyractis irroratalis (1)
Z Species of Herpetogramma
 Herpetogramma pertextalis (1)
 Herpetogramma thestealis (1)
Z Species of Macaria
 Macaria bicolorata (1)
 Macaria granitata (1)
 Macaria notata (1)
 Macaria signaria (1)
Z Species of Proteoteras
 Proteoteras aesculana (1)
 Proteoteras obnigrana (1)
Z Species of Spilosoma
 Hyphantria cunea (1)
 Spilosoma congrua (1)
 Spilosoma virginica (1)
Z Species of Zale
 Zale duplicata (1)
 Zale lunata (1)
 Zale minerea (1)
Z Species of grays
 Anavitrinella pampinaria (1)
 Ectropis crepuscularia (1)
 Iridopsis larvaria (1)
 Protoboarmia porcelaria (1)
Z Species with diamond-back
 Coleotechnites florae--quercivorella (2)
 Coleotechnites florae (1)
 Plutella xylostella (1)
Z species of Idia
 Idia aemula (1)
 Idia americalis (1)
 Idia lubricalis (1)
Z species of Pero
 Pero honestaria (1)
 Pero morrisonaria (1)
Z species of Scoparia
 Scoparia basalis (1)
 Scoparia biplagialis (1)
Z species of subfamily Tineinae
 Monopis crocicapitella (1)
 Tinea pellionella (1)