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Discover Life
5 kinds match


Morphotype sp_code_7707  [popup]
Morphotype sp_code_8830  [popup]
Morphotype sp_code_9088  [popup]
Morphotype sp_code_9313  [popup]
Morphotype sp_code_9671  [popup]

REMAINING (number with state)
Colony margin shape
 Fringed (4)
 Smooth (3)
 Roots (2)
 Irregular (1)
Colony surface texture
 Granular (2)
 Wooly (2)
 Concentric (1)
 Felty (1)
 Radial (1)
 Rhizomorph (1)
Fruiting bodies present
 Black (1)
 None (1)
Mycelium aerial color
 White (3)
 Gray (1)
Mycelium aerial present
 Much (2)
 Thin (2)
 None (1)
Mycelium depth in agar
 Shallow (3)
 Deep (2)
Mycelium substrate color
 White (3)
 Black (2)
 Gray (1)
 Green (1)