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Desmodium gangeticum Plantae/Dicotyledoneae/Fabaceae/Desmodium/gangeticum level="species"
@4|p G;wkD8pd5)k_ >2th=1qew or oblanceolate=No Banner petal ovoid or obovate=Yes Banner petal spurred=No Banner petal suborbicular, broadly rounded=No Bracteoles present=Yes Bracts conspicuously present=Yes Bracts hairy=Yes Bracts very small, absent or caducous=No Calyx 2-lipped or 2-lobed=Yes Calyx 4-lobed=No Calyx 5-lobed=No Calyx gibbous, inflated, or spurred=No Calyx glabrous=No Calyx gland-dotted or with glandular spot=No Calyx hairy=Yes Calyx lobes exceeding or about equal to corolla=No Climbing by tendrils=No Corolla absent=No Corolla papilionaceous=Yes Extrafloral nectary glands on petiole=No Filaments S-shaped=No Filaments glabrous=Yes Filaments hairy, villous=No Filaments pink or red=No Flower petal color=Blue, lavander to purple, or violet Flowers actinomorphic or somewhat irregular=No Flowers in axillary clusters or few-flowered racemes, 2-6 flowers=No Flowers resupinate, banner in inverted or lateral position=No Flowers sessile or nearly so=No Flowers solitary in axils, or appearing solitary=No Flowers zygomorphic=Yes Fruit a legume=No Fruit a loment, jointed, separating into articles=Yes Fruit beaked=No Fruit compressed between seeds=Yes Fruit coriaceous or becoming woody=No Fruit elongate, straight=Yes Fruit enclosed in calyx=No Fruit explosively or elastically dehiscent=No Fruit exserted from calyx=Yes Fruit fleshy=No Fruit freely dehiscent=No Fruit glabrous or glabrate=No Fruit gland-dotted or with gland-tipped hairs=No Fruit hairy=Yes Fruit indehiscent=Yes Fruit inflated or turgid=No Fruit internally septate between the seeds=No Fruit oblong or ellipsoidal=No Fruit or valves persistent on stem=No Fruit orbicular to subglobose=No Fruit red=No Fruit rugose wrinkled or reticulate=No Fruit seed number=1 Fruit seed number=2 Fruit spiny, bur-like, with hooked bristles or prickles=No Fruit spirally coiled or contorted=No Fruit spirally dehiscent=No Fruit stipitate=Yes Fruit strongly curved, falcate, bent, or lunate=No Fruit subterranean=No Fruit tardily or weakly dehiscent=No Fruit torulose or moniliform, strongly constricted between seeds=No Fruit twisted=No Fruit unilocular=Yes Fruits quadrangulate=No Fruits reniform=No Fruits winged, carinate, or samaroid=No Genus=Desmodium Group=Wildflower Imperfect flowers present, dioecious or polygamodioecious=No Inflorescence ament-like=No Inflorescence axillary=Yes Inflorescence cauliferous=No Inflorescence leaf-opposed=No Inflorescence or flowers lax, declined or pendulous=No Inflorescence panicles=No Inflorescence sessile or subsessile=No Inflorescence terminal=No Inflorescence umbel-like or subumbellate=No Inflorescences globose heads, capitate or subcapitate=No Inflorescences racemes=Yes Inflorescences spikes or spike-like=No Keel abruptly curved, or spirally coiled=No Keel petals auriculate, spurred, or gibbous=No Keel petals fused on sides or at tip=No Keel tips obtuse or rounded, not beaked=Yes Leaf or leaflet margins entire=Yes Leaflet number=3 Leaflets alternate or subopposite=No Leaflets dentate or denticulate=No Leaflets lobed or hastate=No Leaflets opposite=Yes Leaves absent at flowering time=No Leaves alternate=Yes Leaves bipinnate=No Leaves clustered on spurs or fasicles=No Leaves compound=Yes Leaves coriaceous=No Leaves even pinnate=No Leaves glabrous or nearly so=No Leaves glandular punctate or gland-dotted=No Leaves hairy on one or both surfaces=Yes Leaves odd pinnate=Yes Leaves palmately 2-3 foliate=No Leaves palmately 5-11 foliate=No Leaves petiolate=Yes Leaves pinnately 3-foliolate=Yes Leaves simple, or appearing so=No Leaves viscid, sticky=No Longevity=Perennial Petals bicolored or with red, purple or yellow streaks or spots=No Petals clawed=Yes Petals denticulate or erose=No Petals separate=Yes Petals united, valvate=No Petioles winged=No Plant height or length in cm=Under 100 Plants gland-dotted or with gland-tipped hairs=No Plants turning black on drying=No Plants with milky latex=No Reduced cleistogamous flowers produced=No Root has=Nodules Root has=Taproot Seed surface mottled or patchy=No Seed surface smooth=Yes Seed surface with resinous dots=No Seed surface wrinkled or rugose=No Seed with elliptical line or depression, pleurogram=No Seeds cordiform, mit-shaped, notched at one end=No Seeds embedded in gummy or spongy pulp=No Seeds olive, brown, or black=Yes Seeds ovoid to rounded in outline=Yes Seeds red, or scarlet and black=No Seeds reniform=Yes Seeds subquadrate=No Seeds white or off-white=No Seeds with appendage - aril, caruncle, funiculus, or strophiole=No Stamens 9-10=Yes Stamens completely free, separate=No Stamens diadelphous, 9 united, 1 free=Yes Stamens heteromorphic, graded in size=No Stamens long exserted=No Stamens monadelphous, united below=No Stamens numerous, more than 10=No Stamens or anthers dimorphic, alternating large and small=No Stem hairs hispid to villous=No Stems erect or ascending=No Stems haIndigofera hens long exserted=No Stamens monadelphous, united below=No Stamens numerous, more than 10=No Stamens or anthers dimorphic, alternating large and small=No Stem hairs hispid to villous=No Stems dimorphic, inflorescence borne on separate stem=No Stems erect or ascending=Yes Stems hairs pilose or spreading=No Stems hollow, or spongy=No Stems or branches arching, spreading or decumbent=No Stems or young twigs glabrous or sparsely glabrate=No Stems or young twigs glaucous=No Stems or young twigs sparsely to densely hairy=Yes Stems prostrate, trailing, or mat forming=No Stems silvery, canescent, tomentose, cobwebby, or wooly=No Stems solid=Yes Stems very short, acaulescent or subacaulescent=No Stems winged or with decurrent stipules=No Stems with 2-branched hairs, dolabriform=No Stems with hooked uncinate hairs or prickles=Yes Stems woody below, or from woody crown or caudex=Yes Stipels present at base of leaflets=Yes Stipules adnate to petiole=No Stipules clasping stem at the base=No Stipules connate to each other, forming a tuber or sheath=No Stipules conspicuous=Yes Stipules cordate, lobed, or sagittate=No Stipules deciduous=Yes Stipules free=Yes Stipules green, triangulate to lanceolate or foliaceous=Yes Stipules inconspicuous, absent, or caducous=No Stipules membranous or chartaceous=No Stipules persistent=No Stipules reduced to glands=No Stipules setiform, subulate or acicular=No Stipules spinose or bristles=No Stipules toothed or laciniate=No Style flattened=No Style hairy=No Style hairy on one side only=No Style persistent in fruit=No Style sharply bent=No Style spirally coiled=No Style terete=Yes Style with distal tuft of hairs=No Trunk or stems armed with thorns, spines or prickles=No Valves twisting or coiling after dehiscence

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1. Group

386Shrub    230Tree    167Vine    1274Wildflower   

2. Flower petal color

770Blue, lavander to purple, or violet    110Greenish yellow    262Ochroleucous, cream    449Orange or yellow    430Pinkish to rose    118Red    31Reddish brown, maroon    580White   

3. Fruit seed number

3721    3122    9763    9764    9765-10    527Over 10   

4. Leaflet number

1341    652    5563    884    6055-9    775Over 9   

5. Plant height or length in cm

1403Under 100    384100-200    427Over 200   

6. Range in U.S.A.

Alabama    Alaska    Arizona    Arkansas    California    Colorado    Connecticut    Delaware    District of Columbia    Florida    Georgia    Hawaii    Idaho    Illinois    Indiana    Iowa    Kansas    Kentucky    Louisiana    Maine    Maryland    Massachusetts    Michigan    Minnesota    Mississippi    Missouri    Montana    Nebraska    Nevada    New Hampshire    New Jersey    New Mexico    New York    North Carolina    North Dakota    Ohio    Oklahoma    Oregon    Pennsylvania    Puerto Rico    Rhode Island    South Carolina    South Dakota    Tennessee    Texas    Utah    Vermont    Virginia    Washington    West Virginia    Wisconsin    Wyoming   

7. Genus

1Abrus    49Acacia    1Adenanthera    8Aeschynomene    4Aeschynoneme    1Aganope    11Albizia    1Alhagi    4Alysicarpus    1Amherstia    14Amorpha    1Amphicarpaea    1Anadenathera    1Andira    1Anthyllis    2Apios    3Arachis    1Archidendron    1Astragalis    348Astragalus    2Baptisa    20Baptisia    1Barbieria    13Bauhinia    1Bauhunia    1Bituminaria    1Bolusanthus    1Brongniartia    1Brya    19Caesalpinia    2Cajanus    1Callerya    10Calliandra    2Calopogonium    14Canavalia    3Caragana    6Cassia    1Castanospermum    6Centrosema    1Ceratonia    2Cercis    17Chamaecrista    1Chamaecytisus    1Chapmannia    1Christia    1Cicer    1Cladrastis    7Clitoria    1Codariocalyx    2Cojoba    4Cologania    1Colutea    1Colvillea    1Copaifera    2Coronilla    2Coursetia    2Coursettia    33Crotalaria    1Crotaloaria    1Crudia    2Cullen    1Cyamopsis    5Cynometra    1Cytissus    5Cytisus    8Dalbergia    59Dalea    1Delonix    1Dendrolobium    7Derris    14Desmanthus    62Desmodium    1Dichrostachys    4Dioclea    1Diphysa    1Dipogon    1Dipteryx    1Ebenopsis    3Entada    2Enterolobium    1Eriosema    1Errazurizia    12Erythrina    3Eysenhardtia    1Falcataria    2Flemingia    19Galactia    1Galega    7Genista    1Genistidium    3Gleditsia    1Gliricidia    3Glycine    2Glycyrrhiza    1Gymnocladus    1Haematoxylum    1Halimodendron    1Hebestigma    4Hedysarum    1Hippocrepis    1Hoffmannseggi    6Hoffmannseggia    3Hoita    1Hymenaea    17Indigofera    5Inga    1Inocarpus    1Intsia    1Kanaloa    1Kingiodendron    2Kummerowia    1Lablab    2Laburnum    1Lathyris    41Lathyrus    1Lens    26Lespedeza    4Leucaena    6Lonchocarpus    1Lotononis    42Lotus    152Lupinus    1Lysidice    3Lysiloma    1Machaerium    1Macropsycanthus    4Macroptilium    2Macrotyloma    5Maniltoa    4Marina    15Medicago    4Melilotus    1Millettia    26Mimosa    8Mucuna    1Myrospermum    1Myroxylon    1Neonotonia    3Neptunia    3Nissolia    1Olneya    1Onobrychis    4Ononis    1Orbexillum    6Orbexilum    1Ormocarpon    1Ormocarpum    2Ormosia    4Ornithopus    1Otholobium    1Oxyrhynchus    23Oxytropis    1Pachyrhizus    1Paraderris    1Paraserianthes    3Parkia    4Parkinsonia    1Parryella    20Pediomelum    2Peltophorum    1Pericopsis    2Peteria    12Phaseolus    1Pickeringia    1Pictetia    2Piscidia    2Pisum    3Pithecellobium    1Poitea    4Pomaria    1Propsopis    8Prosopis    1Psophocarpus    3Psoralidium    9Psorothamnus    1Pterocarpus    2Pueria    1Racosperma    1Retama    18Rhynchosia    8Robinia    3Rupertia    1Samanea    2Saraca    2Schleinitzia    1Scorpiurus    4Securigera    43Senna    4Serianthes    12Sesbania    8Sophora    1Spartium    1Sphaerophysa    1Sphinctospermum    1Stahlia    1Storckiella    3Strongylodon    3Strophostyles    7Stylosanthes    2Styphnolobium    1Tamarindus    25Tephrosia    1Teramnus    10Thermopsis    1Ticanto    2Trifoium    96Trifolium    4Trigonella    1Ulex    2Uraria    32Vicia    18Vigna    1Wallaceodendron    4Wisteria    3Zapoteca    5Zornia