Map of Raja clavata.
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To zoom in, click on the image or on a 'Zoom level'. Map of Raja clavata.
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To zoom in, click on the image or on a 'Zoom level'. -- map overlay Raja clavata 42.8°N 12.8°E -- Click to see record BOLD__CSFOM004_10. Raja clavata 50.100436006826094°N 5.105392845142259°W -- Click to see record GBIF689432859. Raja clavata 40°N 5°E -- Click to see record GBIF583524567. Raja clavata 54.33461075242207°N 3.9234744012145626°W -- Click to see record GBIF463392067. Raja clavata 33.4166700°S 17.8600000°E -- Click to see record GBIF287244238. Raja clavata 34.1833°S 18.6167°E -- Click to see record GBIF24959123. Raja clavata 34.339°N 12.015°E -- Click to see record GBIF25136645. Raja clavata 37.617°N 9.255°E -- Click to see record GBIF25136688. Raja clavata 27.5167°S 32.76°E -- Click to see record GBIF24959288. Raja clavata 22.9167°S 14.4667°E -- Click to see record GBIF24910923. Raja clavata 25°N 17°W -- Click to see record GBIF189296360. Raja clavata 52.11657897589334°N 10.249283137917116°W -- Click to see record GBIF690152134. Raja clavata 62°N 15°E -- Click to see record GBIF189296530. Raja clavata 21.9°N 160.1°W -- Click to see record GBIF43462650. Raja clavata 65°N 18°W -- Click to see record GBIF43452540. Raja clavata 17.5583°S 11.345°E -- Click to see record GBIF25126333. Raja clavata 57.4°N 13.4333333333°W -- Click to see record GBIF439828949. Raja clavata 32°N 5°W -- Click to see record GBIF234287982. Raja clavata 51°N 9°E -- Click to see record GBIF208018944. Raja clavata 20.166°S 57.500°E -- Click to see record GBIF484762509. Raja clavata 59.781387°N 20.04611°E -- Click to see record GBIF22246250. Raja clavata 35°N 20°E -- Click to see record GBIF56692049. Raja clavata 41.5°N 29.167°E -- Click to see record GBIF583524532. Raja clavata 38.5°N 28°W -- Click to see record GBIF583524631. Raja clavata 36.71833333°N 14.22666667°W -- Click to see record GBIF190499159. Raja clavata 70.5°N 28.4°E -- Click to see record GBIF199451141. Raja clavata 33.126666665°S 45.84°E -- Click to see record GBIF190499158. Raja clavata 52.4730912227°N 2.2393605599°E -- Click to see record INAT32520780. Raja clavata 56.8678180811°N 5.1101797093°W -- Click to see record INAT27777518. Raja clavata 38.6557124602°N 14.0384656703°W -- Click to see record INAT32938436. Raja clavata 44.085808261°N 12.7569370517°E -- Click to see record INAT25211831. Raja clavata 37.6270916105°N 24.6256820311°E -- Click to see record INAT15385008. Raja clavata 38.488637653°N 8.9662580061°W -- Click to see record INAT2696472. Raja clavata 50.5°N 2.4°W -- Click to see record I_MWS103813.
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