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This tool lets you analyze ranges. It maps areas and geographic centers. Steps: 1) Select one or more KINDS; 2) if you wish, change OPTIONS; 3) click a SUBMIT button. Each symbol shows the geographic center of a range. The symbols and map are interactive links that you can click. Change the options and click SUBMIT to modify their behavior. Fill in form; then click on any submit.


pick multiple with control or shift keys

Order abT uses to map the 1st kind, for the 2nd, and for any other. Click on symbols to see example use. Ones colored use partially transparent, lined areas.

Show geographic
areas centers both
All centers and up to 30 areas map.

Symbol links show
area sympatric page
area shows range on top of others;
sympatric lists kinds within range;
page shows images and text.

Map links show
local IDnature guide
lat-long gets decimal degrees of pixel.
1 9 25 49 81
1 lists community at a pixel.
9 lists community in 9 pixel square.
25, 49, & 81 same, but more pixels.

area-1 area-2
set area 1 & 2 for analysis -- click NW corner, SE corner, then "confirm" button at top right.

Show names
when 'Output format' = 'html'. Best set to 'no' when many kinds selected.

Output format
jpg txt html
jpg combines layers for printing; supports square symbols
txt exports comma delimited file
html to output target
richness base
richness <35 to 554 species
none 32.57N, 118.7W to 76.9W, 10S; Mercator projection

Map links output to
top new left right
top: full window
new: new window
left & right: respective frames

Set base map: