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Umbellularia californica (Hook. &. Arn. ) Nutt.
California laurel; Oregon myrtlewood

Life   Plantae   Dicotyledoneae   Lauraceae   Umbellularia

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Achilidae  Synecdoche autumnalis @ UCR_ENT (1)
Aleyrodidae  Bemisia berbericola @ CSCA_TCN (7)

Bemisia tabaci @ CSCA_TCN (1)

Dialeurodes citri @ CSCA_TCN (1)

Tetraleurodes errans @ CSCA_TCN (12)

Tetraleurodes mori @ CSCA_TCN (9)
Amphisphaeriaceae  Pestalotia coryneoidea @ BPI (1)
Aphelinidae  Encarsia @ UCRC_ENT (25)
Aphididae  Euthoracaphis umbellulariae @ AMNH_PBI (31); CSCA_TCN (9)

Myzus ( @ AMNH_PBI (1)
Asterinidae  Asterina anomala @ BPI (2)
Botryosphaeriaceae  Diplodia harknessii @ BPI (1)

Diplodia laurina @ BPI (1)

Phyllosticta maxima @ BPI (1)
Capnodiaceae  Capnodium tuba @ BPI (4)
Chaetothyriaceae  Phaeosaccardinula dematia @ BPI (1)
Chlamydomonadaceae  Sphaerella arbutifoliae @ BPI (1)

Sphaerella umbellulariae @ BPI (2)
Cicadellidae  Ceratagallia ( @ UCR_ENT (11)

Gyponana ( @ UCR_ENT (1)
Coccidae  Ceroplastes sinensis @ CSCA_TCN (9)

Pulvinaria floccifera @ CSCA_TCN (1)

Saissetia oleae @ CSCA_TCN (2)
Coniophoraceae  Coniophora byssoidea @ BPI (1)
Diaspididae  Aonidiella aurantii @ CSCA_TCN (2)

Aspidaspis arctostaphyli @ CSCA_TCN (1)

Aspidiotus nerii @ CSCA_TCN (1)

Dynaspidiotus britannicus @ CSCA_TCN (1)
Diatrypaceae  Diatrypella verruciformis @ BPI (1)
Dothioraceae  Kabatiella phoradendri @ BPI (1)
Glomerellaceae  Colletotrichum gloeosporioides @ BPI (1)

Glomerella cingulata @ BPI (1)
Helotiaceae  Cyathicula cyathoidea @ BPI (3)
Hyaloscyphaceae  Belonidium parksii @ BPI (1)
Hydnaceae  Hydnum ochraceum @ BPI (1)
Hysteriaceae  Hysterium pulicare @ BPI (1)
Marasmiaceae  Armillaria mellea @ BPI (1)
Massariaceae  Massaria pulchra @ BPI (5)
Meruliaceae  Merulius confluens @ BPI (2)
Mycosphaerellaceae  Didymella fallax @ BPI (1)

Mycosphaerella arbuticola @ BPI (9)

Mycosphaerella umbellulariae @ BPI (7)
Mymaridae  Alaptus @ UCRC_ENT (58)

Anagrus @ UCRC_ENT (3)
Nectriaceae  Nectria cinnabarina @ BPI (1)

Nectria coccinea @ BPI (3)

Nectria peziza @ BPI (1)

Nectria umbellulariae @ BPI (1)
Orbiliaceae  Orbilia epipora @ BPI (1)

Orbilia leucostigma @ BPI (1)
Patellariaceae  Patellaria atrata @ BPI (1)
Phacidiaceae  Ceuthospora foliicola @ BPI (1)

Ceuthospora @ BPI (1)
Phaeosphaeriaceae  Leptosphaeria odora @ BPI (2)
Pluteaceae  Pluteus cervinus @ BPI (1)
Polyporaceae  Fomes applanatus @ BPI (5)

Fomes brownii @ BPI (1)

Fomes fomentarius @ BPI (1)

Lenzites betulina @ BPI (2)

Polyporus caesius @ BPI (1)

Polyporus versicolor @ BPI (3)

Polyporus @ BPI (1)

Poria ambigua @ BPI (5)

Poria deformis @ BPI (1)

Poria ferrea @ BPI (1)

Poria ferruginosa @ BPI (3)

Poria mucida @ BPI (2)

Poria versipora @ BPI (1)

Poria @ BPI (2)
Reduviidae  Leogorrus litura @ AMNH_PBI (1)

Leogorrus @ AMNH_PBI (3)

Phymata @ AMNH_PBI (27)
Schizophyllaceae  Schizophyllum commune @ BPI (1)
Steccherinaceae  Irpex lacteus @ BPI (1)
Stereaceae  Stereum albobadium @ BPI (1)

Stereum cinerascens @ BPI (2)

Stereum heterosporum @ BPI (2)
Stictidaceae  Stictis radiata @ BPI (4)
Trichiaceae  Trichia contorta @ BPI (1)
Tricholomataceae  Helotium citrinum @ BPI (2)
Valsaceae  Valsa americana @ BPI (2)
Xylariaceae  Daldinia concentrica @ BPI (3)

Hypoxylon deustum @ BPI (1)

Hypoxylon sassafras @ BPI (7)

Rosellinia aquila @ BPI (1)

Rosellinia corticium @ BPI (1)

Sphaeria odora @ BPI (1)

Sphaeria oreodaphnes @ BPI (1)
_  Blennoria umbellulariae @ BPI (1)

Chaetasbolisia falcata @ BPI (2)

Creonectria purpurea @ BPI (2)

Cyclodomus umbellulariae @ BPI (4)

Cytosporella @ BPI (1)

Epochnium glaucum @ BPI (1)

Grandinia @ BPI (1)

Lauritrioza alacris @ CSCA_TCN (10)

Midotis plicata @ BPI (1)

Morfea tuba @ BPI (1)

Vertixore atronitidum @ 691054B (1); 691054A (1)

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Umbellularia californica (Hook. & Arn.) Nutt.
California laurel

Image of Umbellularia californica

General Information
Symbol: UMCA
Group: Dicot
Family: Lauraceae
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit : Shrub
Native Status : L48   N
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Native Status:
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Rank Scientific Name and Common Name
Kingdom Plantae – Plants
Subkingdom Tracheobionta – Vascular plants
Superdivision Spermatophyta – Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass Magnoliidae
Order Laurales
Family Lauraceae – Laurel family
Genus Umbellularia (Nees) Nutt. – California laurel
Species Umbellularia californica (Hook. & Arn.) Nutt. – California laurel

Subordinate Taxa

The Plants Database includes the following 2 subspecies of Umbellularia californica . Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. Plant is native (blue) Native Plant is introduced Introduced Plant is introduced Native and Introduced Related taxa legend Distribution of <i>
Umbellularia californica</i>
(Hook. & Arn.) Nutt. var. <i>
californica </i>
Umbellularia californica var. californica
California laurel Distribution of <i>
Umbellularia californica</i>
(Hook. & Arn.) Nutt. var. <i>
Umbellularia californica var. fresnensis
California laurel

Legal Status

Wetland Status

Interpreting Wetland Status

North America
Arid West FAC
Western Mountains, Valleys, and Coast FAC

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FNA | Family List | FNA Vol. 3 | Lauraceae | Umbellularia

1. Umbellularia californica (Hooker & Arnott) Nuttall, N. Amer. Sylv. 1: 87. 1842.

California bay, Oregon-myrtle, myrtle-wood, California laurel, pepperwood

Tetranthera californica Hooker & Arnott, Bot. Beechey Voy., 159. 1833

Trees or shrubs , to 45 m; twigs terete, glabrous or sparsely appressed-pubescent, rarely minutely tomentose. Leaf blade deep yellow-green, shiny, narrowly oblong or narrowly elliptic, 3-10 × 1.5-3 cm, base acute or obtuse, apex acute; surfaces abaxially glabrous, sparsely appressed-pubescent or minutely tomentose, adaxially glabrous; domatia absent. Inflorescences pubescent. Flowers 5-10; tepals 6-8 mm. Drupe usually solitary, 2 cm or more diam. 2 n =24.

Varieties 2: w coast, North America.

Native Americans used Umbellularia californica for medicinal purposes and occasionally as an insecticide (D. E. Moerman 1986).

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