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Ferrisia virgata (Cockerell, 1893)
Guava Mealybug; Striped Mealybug; White-tailed Mealybug; Ferrisia virgata; Ferrisiana setosus; Ferrisiana virgata; Pseudococcus dasylirii; Pseudococcus magnolicida; Pseudococcus segregatus; Pseudococcus virgatus; Pseudococcus virgatus farinosus; Pseudococcus virgatus humilis; Pseudococcus virgatus madagascariensis; Dactylopius ceriferus Newstead, 1894; Dactylopius dasylirii Cockerell, 1896; Dactylopius magnolicida King, 1902; Dactylopius segregatus Cockerell, 1893; Dactylopius setosus Hempel, 1900; Dactylopius talini Green, 1896; Dactylopius virgatus Cockerell, 1893; Dactylopius virgatus farinosus Cockerell, 1893; Dactylopius virgatus humilis Cockerell, 1893; Dactylopius virgatus madagascariensis Newstead, 1908; Heliococcus malvastrus McDaniel, 1962; Pseudococcus bicaudatus Keuchenius, 1915; Pseudococcus marchali Vayssiere, 1912

Life   Insecta   Hemiptera   Sternorrhyncha   Pseudococcidae   Ferrisia

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Acanthaceae  Justicia brandegeeana @ CSCA_TCN (1)
Altingiaceae  Liquidambar styraciflua @ MEMU_ENT (3)
Araliaceae  Hedera helix @ MEMU_ENT (1)
Asteraceae  Chrysanthemum sp @ CSCA_TCN (2)
Bignoniaceae  Catalpa @ MEMU_ENT (1)
Cactaceae  Lemaireocereus thurberi @ CSCA_TCN (1)
Cannabaceae  Celtis @ MEMU_ENT (2)
Ebenaceae  Diospyros @ MEMU_ENT (1)
Fabaceae  Cercis @ MEMU_ENT (1)

Gleditsia @ MEMU_ENT (1)
Fagaceae  Quercus @ MEMU_ENT (3)
Hydrangeaceae  Philadelphus coronarius @ MEMU_ENT (1)

Philadelphus @ MEMU_ENT (7)
Magnoliaceae  Magnolia @ MEMU_ENT (7)
Malvaceae  Hibiscus @ MEMU_ENT (1)
Moraceae  Morus @ MEMU_ENT (16)
Oleaceae  Ligustrum sp @ CSCA_TCN (1)
Verbenaceae  Lantana sp @ CSCA_TCN (1)

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