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Quercus arizonica Sarg.
Life   Plantae   Dicotyledoneae   Fagaceae   Quercus

Quercus arizonica
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Quercus arizonica

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FamilyScientific name @ source (records)
Auriculariaceae  Auricularia auricula @ BPI (2)
Botryosphaeriaceae  Phyllosticta @ BPI (1)
Cronartiaceae  Cronartium cerebrum @ BPI (1)

Cronartium conigenum @ BPI (3)
Erysiphaceae  Erysiphe japonica @ 565812B (1)

Erysiphe polygoni @ 565812A (1); 5565812B (1); BPI (1)

Erysiphe @ BPI (2)

Microsphaera alni @ BPI (1)

Typhulochaeta japonica @ BPI (1)
Fulgoridae  Amycle pinyonae @ UDCC_TCN (1)
Issidae  Picumna chinai @ UDCC_TCN (1)
Membracidae  Heliria clitella @ UDCC_TCN (2)
Meruliaceae  Merulius corium @ BPI (1)

Merulius incarnatus @ BPI (1)
Microstromataceae  Microstroma album @ BPI (1)
Miridae  Atractotomus ovatus @ AMNH_PBI (28)

Deraeocoris apache @ AMNH_ENT (1)

Deraeocoris cochise @ AMNH_ENT (3)

Knightomiris distinctus @ AMNH_ENT (101)

Lopidea teton @ AMNH_ENT (3)

Lygocoris deraeocoroides @ AMNH_ENT (8)

Neoborops vigilax @ AMNH_ENT (2)

Neocapsus leviscutatus @ AMNH_IZC (32)

Occidentodema mcfarlandi @ AMNH_IZC (36)

Phytocoris apache @ AMNH_ENT (3)

Phytocoris chihuahuanae @ AMNH_ENT (1)

Phytocoris decurvatus @ AMNH_ENT (3)

Phytocoris hypoleucoides @ AMNH_ENT (1)

Phytocoris inops @ AMNH_ENT (1)

Phytocoris intermontanus @ AMNH_ENT (2)

Phytocoris navajo @ AMNH_ENT (9)

Phytocoris quercinus @ AMNH_ENT (1)

Roburocoris exiguus @ AMNH_PBI (6)

Roburocoris grandiculus @ AMNH_PBI (4)

Roburocoris maculosus @ AMNH_PBI (48)

Teleorhinus tephrosicola @ AMNH_PBI (1)

Tuxedo susansolomonae @ AMNH_PBI (2)
Peniophoraceae  Peniophora fuscomarginata @ BPI (2)
Phyllachoraceae  Trabutia erythrospora @ BPI (4)
Polyporaceae  Fomes everhartii @ BPI (1)

Fomes scutellatus @ BPI (1)

Polyporus dichrous @ BPI (1)

Polyporus gilvus @ BPI (2)

Polyporus obtusus @ BPI (6)

Polyporus rheades @ BPI (1)
Rhopalidae  Harmostes reflexulus @ UCR_ENT (1)
Steccherinaceae  Odontia pruni @ BPI (1)
Stephanidae  Megischus @ UCRC_ENT (2)
Stereaceae  Aleurodiscus oakesii @ BPI (1)
_  Ceratocapsidea fusiformis @ AMNH_PBI (1)

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Quercus arizonica Sarg.
Arizona white oak

Image of Quercus arizonica

General Information
Symbol: QUAR
Group: Dicot
Family: Fagaceae
Duration: Perennial
Growth Habit : Shrub
Native Status : L48   N
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©J.S. Peterson. USDA NRCS National Plant Data Center (NPDC). United States, CA, Davis, University of California Davis Arboretum. February 4, 2002. Usage Requirements .

©J.S. Peterson. USDA NRCS National Plant Data Center (NPDC). United States, CA, Davis, University of California Davis Arboretum. February 4, 2002. Usage Requirements .

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Patrick J. Alexander. Usage Requirements .




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Superdivision Spermatophyta – Seed plants
Division Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants
Class Magnoliopsida – Dicotyledons
Subclass Hamamelididae
Order Fagales
Family Fagaceae – Beech family
Genus Quercus L. – oak
Species Quercus arizonica Sarg. – Arizona white oak

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79. Quercus arizonica Sargent, Gard. & Forest. 8: 92. 1895.

Arizona oak

Quercus sacame Trelease

Trees , evergreen or subevergreen, small to moderate-sized trees, rarely to 18 m. Bark scaly. Twigs yellowish, 1.5-2.5 mm diam., persistently felty-tomentose, eventually dingy gray. Buds dull russet-brown, ovoid, distally subacute or rounded, 3 mm, sparsely pubescent or glabrate. Leaves: petiole to 3-10 mm. Leaf blade elliptic or oblong to narrowly obovate or oblanceolate, planar or moderately convex, to (30-)40-80(-90) × 15-30 mm, thick and leathery, usually stiff, base cordate or rounded and weakly cordate, margins entire or coarsely toothed especially near apex, cartilaginously revolute, teeth mucronate-tipped, obscure or prominent, secondary veins ca. 7-11 on each side, branching, passing into teeth when present, apex acute to usually obtuse or broadly rounded; surfaces abaxially dull, sparsely pubescent or subtomentose with curly branched hairs, reticulate from prominent, raised secondary veins, usually glaucous where exposed, adaxially dark or bluish green, moderately lustrous, sparsely and minutely stellate-pubescent, secondary veins slightly raised or prominent within depressions or impressed. Acorns solitary or paired, subsessile, occasionally on peduncle to 15 mm; cup hemispheric or cup-shaped, 5-10(-15) mm deep × 10-15 mm wide, enclosing ca. 1/2 nut, base rounded, margin rather coarse, scales cream to brown, broadly ovate, evenly and strongly tuberculate, tomentose, tips closely appressed; nut light brown, ovoid or oblong, 8-12 mm, nearly glabrous. Cotyledons connate.

Flowering spring. Oak and pinyon woodlands, margins of chaparral, arroyos; 1300-2500(-3000) m; Ariz., N.Mex., Tex.; Mexico (Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, and Sonora).

Some of the specimens previously referred to Quercus endemica by C. H. Muller belong here instead.

Putative hybrids between Quercus arizonica and Q . grisea (= Q . × organensis Trelease) are problematic in local areas of contact from southeastern Arizona to western Texas. These intermediates tend to have narrower leaves than Q . arizonica , with moderately reticulate patterns of venation, and more densely hairy leaves. Quercus arizonica and Q . grisea are amply distinct elsewhere, including large areas in northern Mexico, and they appear to be more closely related to other species than to one another (e.g., Q . arizonica with Q . oblongifolia and Q . laeta Liebmann, and Q . grisea with Q . mohriana and Q . microphylla Née). Thus, Q . arizonica and Q . grisea are best treated as distinct species that hybridize, and not as conspecific populations.


Tucker, J. M. 1963. Studies in the Quercus undulata complex. III. The contribution of Q . arizonica . Amer. J. Bot. 50: 699-708.

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Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona White Oak
ID: 2222 0604 0004 0021 [detail]
© University of California Museum of Paleontology

Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona Oak
ID: 0000 0000 1016 1659 [detail]
© 2016 Wynn Anderson

Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona White Oak
ID: 0000 0000 0317 0915 [detail]
© 2017 Zoya Akulova

Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona White Oak
ID: 0000 0000 0317 0916 [detail]
© 2017 Zoya Akulova

Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona White Oak
ID: 0000 0000 0317 0917 [detail]
© 2017 Zoya Akulova

Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona White Oak
ID: 0000 0000 0317 0918 [detail]
© 2017 Zoya Akulova

Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona White Oak
ID: 0000 0000 0617 1986 [detail]
© 2017 Wynn Anderson

Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona White Oak
ID: 0000 0000 0617 1987 [detail]
© 2017 Wynn Anderson

Quercus arizonica
Quercus arizonica
Arizona White Oak
ID: 0000 0000 0617 1988 [detail]
© 2017 Wynn Anderson

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