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Mammalia Linnaeus, 1758
Life   Vertebrata

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Ursus americanus
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Ursus americanus
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Kinds Common Names
Bovidae bison
Canidae wolves, foxes
Castoridae beavers
Cervidae deer
Didelphidae opossum
Dipodidae jumping mice
Felidae cats
Leporidae rabbits, hares
Mephitidae skunks
Muridae murid rats, mice
Mustelidae otters, weasels, mink
Procyonidae raccoons
Sciuridae woodchuck, chipmunk, squirrels
Soricidae shrews
Suidae pigs
Talpidae moles
Ursidae bears
Vespertilionidae bats

Scientific Name -- Common Name
Chordata -- Chordates


Geographic distribution

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