Kinds of Formicidae

World Ants
(Valid extant species)

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This world ant list is dedicated to the memory of William L. Brown, Jr.

Scientific name -- Other names
Apterostigma Mayr, 1865
   Apterostigma acre Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma ancilonodum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma andense Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma angustum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma auriculatum Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Apterostigma avium Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma bolivianum Weber, 1938
   Apterostigma bruchi Santschi, 1919
   Apterostigma callipygium Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma calverti Wheeler, W. M., 1911
   Apterostigma carinatum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma chocoense Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma collare Emery, 1896
   Apterostigma convexum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma dentigerum Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Apterostigma depressum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma dorotheae Weber, 1937
   Apterostigma epinotale Weber, 1937
   Apterostigma goniodes Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma ierense Weber, 1937
   Apterostigma jubatum Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Apterostigma madidiense Weber, 1938
   Apterostigma manni Weber, 1938
   Apterostigma mayri Forel, 1893
   Apterostigma megacephala Lattke, 1999
   Apterostigma mexicanum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma moelleri Forel, 1892
   Apterostigma pariense Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma peruvianum Wheeler, W. M., 1925
   Apterostigma pilosum Mayr, 1865
   Apterostigma reburrum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma robustum Emery, 1896
   Apterostigma scutellare Forel, 1885
   Apterostigma serratum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma spiculum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma steigeri Santschi, 1911
   Apterostigma tachirense Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma tholiforme Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma tramitis Weber, 1940
   Apterostigma trapeziforme Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma tropicoxa Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma turgidum Lattke, 1997
   Apterostigma urichii Forel, 1893
   Apterostigma wasmannii Forel, 1892

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