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As part of Save all species and projects to understand and conserve biodiversity around the world, we seek your help to build species checklists of protected areas and ecological study sites. These lists will help us determine which species are safe in protected areas, which aren't, and the value of acquiring and protecting additional areas to maintain healthy natural communities and stop extinctions. The lists also customize our IDnature identification guides to regions and local sites. All lists are publicly available through this page and web services. When necessary to stop unwanted collecting, we redact data on rare and endangered species from public access, making them available only to authorized users.

The World Database on Protected Areas maps information on over 250,000 protected areas around the world. Unfortunately, lists of the species in these areas are not centrally available, either because many areas lack inventory data or because nobody has yet assembled the data that do exist. Here our goal is to assemble species lists for most, if not all, protected areas within five years, creating a valuable on-line resource for biodiversity science and conservation. To do so we will use automated artificial intelligence tools and crowdsource the necessary human input and oversight. Our existing tools provide us a rapid means to extract, check, and standardize scientific names from various sources, notably pdf, html, xml, csv and text files, spreadsheets, and paper copy reports. They use Discover Life's existing authority files to over 1.3 million recognized species and the distributional information that we have on more than 700,000.

Whether you are a taxonomic expert or a novice who cares about biodiversity, if you would like to help build and review checklists, please contact us. While we wish to collect information on all species, in order to compare communities across sites and monitor disturbance, we are particularly interested in completing checklists for the following groups: vertebrates, vascular plants, moths and butterflies, bees, ants, aquatic insects, and mollusks.

The following interactive map shows participating Organization of Biological Field Stations and other sites. These are listed below the map.


Updated: 8 January, 2018
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